5 Things I am Thankful for This Year

I can't believe it's already Thanksgiving y'all?! This year just flew right on by!

I hope you are all gathered up close with your loved ones this season and really taking in the changing seasons.

I thought I would compose a short list of 5 things I am thankful for this year because I really believe writing out your thoughts and feelings will bring more positivity your way.

1. I (...)

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Elevate your photo editing process with an airy, bright and timeless touch | Jana Williams Preset


Hey there!

I get asked all the time, "What helps you with your editing process?" or "How do you get that airy touch to your photos?".
The answer is quite simple y'all! Throughout the years of my photography career, I was always trying to figure out my style in editing and photo capturing.

I knew I always wanted my photos to be timeless. I want  (...)

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Tips to Off-Camera Flash

Y'all I'm layin’ it down! Here’s a guide to Off-Camera flash, because I get that sometimes it’s super tricky.

When using your DSLR flash camera in low light, it can be tempting to use the on-camera flash. But if you have, you’ve seen the ghastly results: a washed-out subject with harsh shadows and it’s just not the best.

The best way to fix this is with an off-camera flash.

Don’t (...)

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Saint- Flour France Photo Diary

Ya'll ! I am so excited to share these travel photos with you! I recently went to Europe to speak about branding at my friend Christene Chang's Wedding Photogrpahy workshop in London. We decided to make a girls trip out of it. First stop Paris , then we rented a car and drove about 4 hours south to Cantel France. It is considered Central France and it is umong the (...)

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Tips for Shooting Sunsets

Are you an aspiring landscape photographer and want to capture the perfect sunset? Or maybe you booked a tropical vacation with your family and bought your first dSLR in hopes to come back with an epic sunset shot to share with your friends? I would love to say it’s as easy as setting your camera to Auto and pointing at the sky but that would be a lie! To give (...)

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4 At Home Workouts

The excitement of the holidays are long behind us and those goals we made resolutions to keep all year long may already be taking a hit. Ya’ll, don’t let the crowded gyms keep or lack of a gym membership for that matter keep you from meeting your fitness goals! My schedule is constantly packed so I understand not making it to the gym on a regular basis, it can be (...)

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How to Prepare for a Photo Shoot

Welcome back to the blog, ya’ll! Today I want to share with you how to prepare for a photo shoot. I’ve had a few of you reach out with this question and I think there’s more to preparing for a shoot than just having your camera!

Have a Checklist

Creating a checklist of what equipment you need to take with you on every shoot seems silly but believe me, it’s (...)

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Early Bird Gets the Worm! Tips for Shooting the Sunrise!

Good morning!  Have you rolled over, hit the snooze button a few times but are still reluctant to pull yourself out of bed and now you’ve probably already started scrolling through Instagram. Some mornings do you notice there was an epic sunrise that you slept through but a few of your friends or a photographer you're totally obsessed with managed to capture the morning light beautifully?! If you’ve ever wondered (...)

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Introducing The Inspired Club

It was a summer day in Hayden, Alabama the year was 1992. I stepped off the school bus to see my childhood home up in flames. The entire neighborhood gathered around to comfort us as we watched our home burn to the ground. I had no idea at the time that the most valuable things we lost that day would be our photos. I wish I had photos like this (...)

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