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It was a summer day in Hayden, Alabama the year was 1992. I stepped off the school bus to see my childhood home up in flames. The entire neighborhood gathered around to comfort us as we watched our home burn to the ground. I had no idea at the time that the most valuable things we lost that day would be our photos. I wish I had photos like this of my brother and sister when we were young. Photos of my parents together in the early years. I am passionate about documenting life and inspiring other to do the same. If you love turning ordinary situations into artisic moments check out Here . We are an online community full of photography tutorials, photo ideas, tips on editing, and lifestyle inspiration and excited to be introducing The Inspired Club!

In these new exclusive videos I go over all of the Lenses I use and all of the different styles of Lighting and Poses that I employ. There is also a whole series dedicated to Building a Successful Business as a Photographer and How to use Social Media Strategies to Publicize and Build Your Brand.

Originally I was planning on selling these courses for what other photographers sell their courses for which usually starts at $99 and can easily exceed $300 for the more intensive master classes. But more and more people kept approaching me,  telling me how much they loved my tutorials and wished that they could attend one of my workshops but that they could never afford the cost of a flight, hotel and the workshop.

So my husband came up with a brilliant idea of how we could offer all of our courses and everything that a person would receive from my workshops for a fraction of the cost and truly make it affordable to everyone. His idea was to create a subscription based web site where members receive a continuous flow of content and all of the knowledge and advice that I offer at my workshops for a very small monthly fee.

We call it  THE INSPIRED CLUB.  Not only does T.I.C. have a constantly expanding library of courses and tutorials but it’s also an Interactive Community where member like you can can Create Your Own Personal and/or Business Profile, Publicize and Share Your Work, Network & Connect with Me and other Industry Professionals in order to get and give feedback and business advice. You’ll also have access to LIVE Broadcasts of Demonstration Shoots, Workshops, Q & A’s and Real Time BTS.  Never fret, I will continue to share quick photo tips on JWPB but you’ll find more in depth videos on TIC! We are extremely excited about all of the possibilities and ways that this site can help people achieve their goals and turn their creativity into not only a career but a way of life.

Hope to see you in the club.

Stay Inspired!




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  1. Most of the latest cameras come with a digital photography tutorial that literally takes you by the hand and teaches you all that you need to know about taking photographs with the digital camera you just bought.

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