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The excitement of the holidays are long behind us and those goals we made resolutions to keep all year long may already be taking a hit. Ya’ll, don’t let the crowded gyms keep or lack of a gym membership for that matter keep you from meeting your fitness goals! My schedule is constantly packed so I understand not making it to the gym on a regular basis, it can be rough! These 4 easy at-home workouts are an easy way to fit a quick workout into your busy schedule. Some of these will require lights weights but can be modified if you don’t have easy access to them! For more workouts and video instructions, head over to The Inspired Club! Becoming a member on TIC you will be a part of an online photography community where we share photo, branding, and fitness tips!

Plie Squats

I LOVE the plié squats because it focuses on your inner thighs. Simply stand with your feet about shoulder width and pointed out like a ballerina. Keeping your back straight, lower yourself into a squat position. To add resistance, I like to use a 10lb weight but it’s not required! I like to do 3 sets of 15 with these!


This workout is great for your triceps! Grab a bench or even the side of your bed if it’s low enough for support. Keeping your elbow close to your body, extend your arm out straight behind you and then back in your starting position. When deciding the weight you should use, it should challenge you a little but also not hurt to finish all your sets. When I do the Rowing move, I like to start with 10lb weights! Do this one arm at a time and then switch sides!

Leg Raises  

Leg raises are one of my favorites because there are so many ways to modify this one! Adding leg raises to your workout is a great way to strengthen your core! For this all you have to do is lay on your back, place your hands under your bum for support and lift both of your legs straight up. Lower your legs slowly; you’ll really feel this in your abs!


Mountain Climbers

To get that heart rate up you don’t need to hit the pavement for a job, instead you can add mountain climbers to your workout! These are great because they get all your muscles working! Start in a plank position keeping your abs pulled in. Pull your right knee to your chest then quickly switch and pull your left knee towards your chest. Think of it as you’re running but are stationary on the ground!

These are 4 of my favorite workouts to do at home! If you want to sculpt your booty, check out these workouts! As a community I think it’s important for us to share ways we stay inspired and motivated in our lives. Health and fitness are two things very special to me and I’m excited to share these tips with you!



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