3 Things I Do Every Morning

Hitting the snooze button in the morning is something we’re all too familiar with. It’s easy to say “just 30 more minutes, I’ll workout tonight.” Snooze no more, there’s much to be done before the workday starts! Once I got out of the habit of pressing snooze, I noticed a positive change in my life. If you follow my Instagram Story, you know my mornings typically start around 5am. Ya’ll, it can be hard but here are 3 things I do every morning to get myself going!

Guided Mediation

One of the first things I do every morning is meditate. This allows me to take a moment to clear my mind and allow positivity into my life! There are different apps you can download to help with guided meditation but I typically find videos on YouTube.


I know I know this one can be hard to get yourself in the habit of. Setting your alarm a little earlier than normal to get your body moving will help wake up your body and give you a boost of energy. Heck, even if you did hit that snooze button once you can still get your workout in at home! At home booty workouts are a great way to get up and moving! Personally, one of my favorite ways to workout in the morning is to take a class at Barry’s Bootcamp. Having trouble committing to a morning workout? Get a friend involved or download these apps to keep you on track!

Read & Write

Grab the newest book recommended by Oprah or reread a favorite and read a few pages before rushing off to work. Just like meditation, setting aside a little bit of time to read will give you that quite time to relax and not stress over what the day holds. Another thing I love to do is writing! In the mornings I will write about the things I’m most grateful for, that way I start my day off on a positive note!

When we’re on the go, I understand there isn’t always going to be time to fit in the 3 things I do every morning. Even if I have time for one my day starts off that much better! What are some things that get you going in the morning?!

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