Staying Creative & Mixing Up the Lighting on Your Subject | FT. Jamie Chung

I’ve been having the absolute pleasure of staying creative and shooting my girl, Jamie Chung!

From one photographer to another, I think it’s so important to remember to stay creative. It’s really easy to stay in our routine and styles when we shoot often, but really changing things up and challenging not only yourself, but also your subject, could make for some AWESOME photos!

It’s important that when you are shooting fashion to make sure you have a good handful of solid, well lit and even captures. Your subject may be trying to sell this outfit on their blog, and making sure that their audience can completely see every detail in the outfit is extremely important.

But once you have those photos, it’s time to mix things up. I like to encourage my clients to also mix in some lifestyle shots during their shoot.

Taking Jamie to this fun location with the car was super experimental with the light, and I just love the way these photos turned out.

Mixing up how the light hit her face and body really adds an edgy feel to these lifestyle photos, and I’m so obsessed y’all!


Do you have any tips on how you stay creative during shoots? Let me know in the comments!

If you’re interested in learning more tips in photography, wanna see how I direct my couples on engagement shoots, or be my virtual second shooter check out The Inspired Club, where female creatives connect.

Stay inspired.


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