Gift Service for Mother’s Day!

I had to share something with ya'll, I can't keep it a secret! That would be the hardest one I would ever keep!

So, I was recently sent the sweetest gift from Lauren Ashley Studio which is actually a "divine gifting service".

And they didn't even ask for anything or let me know aheada time that they were sending something my way!


"We know you are entering the craze of (...)

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Keep Your Man Looking Dapper

Ladies! I think we can all relate when I say at some point we have all had a guy in our life who has needed a little extra help with putting together an outfit. Whether it was for the first day on a job, a special occasion or simply going outside the house, our inner stylist reports for duty pretty dang often! After doing a little searching for a little (...)

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My review on Birchbox the monthly Beauty Subscribtion

I am writting this reveiw 3 months into my subscribtions to Birchbox. Honestly I wasn't totally excited about it at first becasoue I assumed I would be getting random products each month but that is not the case at ALL!

Birchbox is a monthly skincare, makeup, and hair product subscribtion. $10.00 a month or $120.00 a year. When you subscribe you fill out a questionare with details abotu your (...)

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Sweater Weather is Offically Here and I have one insider Tip

Wear your Sweater over a Silk Dress! Get your Silk from The Perfext, from the lookbook that I photographed in this post or get it from the thrift store. Either one is going to have the same challenge.... (more…)

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Paris Interior Design Inspiration

Paris Fashion week with Chriselle Lim is like overload of all things glamorous, unattainable, and real & grounded at the same time. Mihano Momosa is a newer brand that designs very romantic pieces and Wedding Dresses yall!!!!!! I mean check them out! (more…)
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Staying Inspired with Fashion

Fashion has always been an inspiration for my photography process. I'm so lucky to capture gorgeous lifestyles in these photographs. Fashion inspires me to capture that summer story within the photo, especially when referencing fashion photography. These fashion forward photos creatively prepare me for shooting especially when it comes to photographing that phenomenal wedding dress of the bride to be!

Click this video to see how I use fashion to (...)

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3 Guest Dresses for that Perfect Summer Wedding!

Summer is off to a great start & finding the perfect guest dress for that summer love can be tricky. (more…)
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The Audible book I am currently obsessed with and why

Having an inspired lifestyle not only takes motivation it takes strategy.  Fitness is a priority for me , personal development is an equal priority to me.
While I frequently go to workout classes I do love to go for a long jog a few times a week. Instead of listening to music I repeat affirmations  OR as of late I have been listening to Audible books. I just finished a (...)

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How having a personal stylist can save you money!

personal stylist la, style lab ,
I have never considered having a personal stylist because frankly isn't that just for super rich people?  Well I was proven wrong this week by the gals at Style Lab. I got The mini it was 75.00 an hour and the stylist went through my closet with a fresh eye and made new outfits out of my existing clothing.  I have to admit the thought of a fashionista looking through my closet made me a little uncomfortable. I thought " She is gonna be so unimpressed with all of my clothes I mean I am very high low I have a few designer pieces but tons of forever 21 ect. So I was kinda insecure. But here is what went down... (more…)
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Tips on what to wear for your engagement session

Hey y'all ! In this video I give tips on what to wear to your engagement session! (more…)
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