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Hey there!

I get asked all the time, “What helps you with your editing process?” or “How do you get that airy touch to your photos?”.
The answer is quite simple y’all! Throughout the years of my photography career, I was always trying to figure out my style in editing and photo capturing.

I knew I always wanted my photos to be timeless. I want my clients to look back on their wedding pictures, and feel like they could live in that moment forever.

So, with that intention, I created my preset! The perfect way to add an airy, bright and timeless touch to my photos effortlessly.

I use this preset on all of my photos and just love the way it makes my pictures look. If you want to purchase my preset you can click here, and visit my shop!

I also attached some of my favorite photos from this year’s weddings if you wanna take a peek and see how versatile this Preset is.

Stay inspired!



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