3 Ways to Look Longer and Leaner in Photos

Throughout the years I have gathered my go-to tips and tricks that help us all look our best in photos. I believe we all deserve to look at photos of ourselves and feel proud. With little adjustments we can all look our best and feel good.

I have been a full time photographer for 13 years. Before photography I was pursuing acting.. feels like a lifetime ago. When I needed headshots I was always so underwhelmed with how my photos turned out. I remember feeling uncomfortable at the shoot because the photographer was usually silent.

I’m the type that wants to be given direction on how to look my best. Most of my client base is made of regular people. Who are not in front of the camera on a weekly, monthly, or even yearly basis.

You can check out the video or download the PDF guide, here. I would love to know how you like this video and if you want more posing tips, because I def have them!

Tell me what you struggle with most in photos in the comments and I will try to help.

Stay inspired,


P.S. Here are some recent things:

  1. I shot Shane Beiber’s Engagement + Wedding and my nephew, Knox, almost had a heart attack! You can check it out, here. Shane is the pitcher for Cleveland Guardians and Knox basically wants to be him when he grows up 🙂
  1. Remember I used to pursue acting? Here is me being a waitress on The Young and The Restless. In case you need a laugh today lol.


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