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SO beyond honored to be in WEZOREE’s Top 10 Best Wedding Photographers in LA!  Even more proud to personally know and adore almost every photographer on this list. I know how hard each and every one of us works, and how much we truly care about our clients. Producing the absolute best work from the heart. Check out WEZOREE’s Top 10 list.


“Let us regale you with a tale of Jana Williams, one of the best wedding photographers in Los Angeles. Once upon a time in Alabama (okay, not that long ago – 13 years to be exact), Jana ventured into the magical realm of fashion and luxury weddings. Self-taught (impressive, isn’t it?), she has an undeniable passion for her craft that’s as evident as our addiction to caffeine. When asked about her photography style, Jana summed it up as timeless, classic, and romantic. And, oh, with a sprinkle of Vogue because who doesn’t love a little haute couture twist?
What sets Jana apart? She adores capturing and showcasing the inherent beauty of her couples. For her, photography is not just a profession but a way to gift memories, freezing those fleeting moments for families to cherish. We get the feels just thinking about it! Client collaborations? Think of it as working on a masterpiece. A bit of Van Gogh here and a touch of Frida Kahlo there, with both parties having open hearts. It’s a true partnership where comfort and support are paramount. And trust us, dear, when we say that the results are nothing short of art! “

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