5 Favorite Workout Apps

When you’re trying to get and stay in shape, it can be quite the task for most people. Sure, keeping a workout journal is a way to track what workouts you’ve done and what you’ve been eating but that can easily be forgotten about. With the popularity of fitness apps it’s never been easier to stay on track and be held accountable to stick to a fitness routine! Almost all (...)

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Swatch Skin | Strong Body, Sound Mind

These days my schedule is more packed than ever! On any given day I can go from my morning workout to a meeting then straight to a shoot across town. You’ll never hear me complain one bit about it! However, the busier I am the easier it is to get wrapped up in the midst of it all. This is when I remind myself the importance of carving out time (...)

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5 Easy Exercises To Do In Your Office


Hey ya’ll! To start the day I do my best to get my butt to a class or hit the road and go on a run. Don’t be fooled. There are those days that my schedule is filled with phone calls, emails, meetings, and shoots so I’m not always able to get that work out in! How cool would it be if by the time you got home from (...)

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5 Booty Workouts to Sculpt Your Butt This Summer

Wouldn't we all love to flaunt it like J-Lo in a two-piece? Well, booties come in all different shapes and sizes and my hope is that you know yours is beautiful today! Beyond being one of our many beautiful, curvaceous lines the Gluteus Maximus is one of the most important muscles in the body. It controls the movements of our lower body and also contributes to our overall posture. So (...)

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The Audible book I am currently obsessed with and why

Having an inspired lifestyle not only takes motivation it takes strategy.  Fitness is a priority for me , personal development is an equal priority to me.
While I frequently go to workout classes I do love to go for a long jog a few times a week. Instead of listening to music I repeat affirmations  OR as of late I have been listening to Audible books. I just finished a (...)

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Fitness Friday: Have some Fun Today!

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Happy Fitness Friday y'all! I love these words "Have Some Fun Today! " YES!! this life is short and yo I know better than anybody that we gotta work and we have responsibilities and deadlines BUT if you "Have some Fun Today" you will work better. You will be a better version of yourself. I love the girls at HSFT Couture and the message that they are spreading.  Here are a few ways you can have fun today and throughout this holiday season and burn some calories at the same time (more…)
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My meal plan for this Fitness Friday from Sakara food dilivery

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I was introduced to the coolest Superfood delivery company yesterday! Sakara is truly amazing and these two hot babes own it! Danielle & Whitney are from Sedona Arizona and have been best friends for years. These are the type of humans who make eye contact when they talk to you, they listen when you are talking, they put their phone down and enjoy lunch, the best way I can put it is SOULFUL.  They have taken that energy and put it into their passion for making plant based super foods available to all of us by delivering it to our doorsteps.  I woke up today to this right outside my door.. (more…)
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