5 Favorite Workout Apps

When you’re trying to get and stay in shape, it can be quite the task for most people. Sure, keeping a workout journal is a way to track what workouts you’ve done and what you’ve been eating but that can easily be forgotten about. With the popularity of fitness apps it’s never been easier to stay on track and be held accountable to stick to a fitness routine! Almost all of them will send notifications to your smartphone with reminders of which workout are scheduled for today or simply words of encouragement. Here’s a list with a few of my favorite workout apps!


SWEAT: Kayla Itsines 2017-07-20_0002.jpg

I absolutely love using this app! You are provided with videos of workouts that can be done in 28 minutes and minimal equipment is needed. This is great for those who don’t have the time to make a special trip to the gym! Not only do they provide workouts, they also provide you with meal plans that will guide you towards your fitness goals. Kayal Itsines has created the largest female fitness community; here you are able to share your successes or even little stumbles to help keep you on track!



2017-07-20_0003.jpgWeight Watchers:

Weight Watchers probably isn’t a new thing to you, there’s a good chance your mom or aunt were members when you were growing up. Their app has made it even easier to keep track of your meals and your activity. You can track the progress you have made and share your milestones with other users! Another cool feature is Weight Watchers has provided a barcode scanner to make grocery shopping easier. The scanner will take the mystery out of figuring out how many Smart Points are in your food!


2017-07-20_0004.jpgBoxing Round Timer:

This app is designed to help boxers keep track of how long each round will be. The great thing about this app is it can be used for any of your workouts! Are you doing burst workouts to get that heart rate pumping? Set your intervals and get to work!




Nike Run Club:

Running for most people isn’t always an enjoyable activity, especially when you’re first starting. When I started using Nike Run Club, it made me want to become a better runner! With this app you can do “Quick Start” runs or have a guided running plan under the “Coach” option. They’ll coach you toward your first 5k, marathon, or simply a month long plan to help you become a better runner! Each run will be recorded and keep track of your improvement and will rank you against your friends within the app. Ooo! Another thing I love about Nike Run Club, it’ll give you a map of your run and which stretches you ran the strongest! Nike has made running fun and a great way to connect with other runners to encourage a better you!



Working on your physical strength is key to living a healthy life but don’t take for granted the importance of mental strength! We’re connected more than ever and those brain waves can become bogged down with everyday worries. Headspace is a great app for guided meditation for most common issues we all run into. When you first join, you are provided with 10 basic exercises for free. This will teach you how to meditate and drown out the noise around you. When you’ve upgraded your membership, there are exercises to pinpoint what you’d like to work out. Do you happen to be very anxious after a stressful meeting? There’s an exercise for that! Want to have a renewed sense of appreciation? Guess what? There’s an exercise for that too! Working out your mental strength will give you that extra push to stay focused on your fitness goals!

There you have it, here’s a list with a few of my favorite workout apps that help keep me on track! There are so many options out there. What are some of your favorites, I’m always open to trying something new! Don’t forget to check back here on Fridays when I share with you workout tips or new recipes for a healthy life style. Click here to see 5 workouts for that summer booty!

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