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These days my schedule is more packed than ever! On any given day I can go from my morning workout to a meeting then straight to a shoot across town. You’ll never hear me complain one bit about it! However, the busier I am the easier it is to get wrapped up in the midst of it all. This is when I remind myself the importance of carving out time for self care.  You can see a lot of my workouts posted here on the blog or even on my Instagram story!

Before I start my hectic workday, I am lucky to set aside my mornings to squeeze in a workout or take time to read a chapter of my favorite book. For me, taking the time to do these things allows me to have the mental freedom to take on the day full force! If I can’t make it to my favorite class at the gym, you’ll find me running a local trail or running the stairs at the Hollywood Bowl. Keeping my head clear and focusing on strengthening my body just fuels my desire to inspire others to take charge in their personal lives and careers. Chances are you have stopped by my blog in the past (if not, welcome, I hope you enjoy your time here!) and my whole thing is to inspire the viewer by sharing what tips I have learned to have a well-balanced life.

When I spotted the Swatch Skin line, I knew this would be a great accessory to add to my work out attire! (Specifically, SkinPure.)  Sure, the smart watches are great and can track my steps but I don’t feel the need to be “connected” during times I am setting aside to focus on self care. SkinPure is a stylish yet simple design, its’ sporty watchband makes it a great option when I need to keep track of time on my run or getting my booty kicked in boot camp!

Having a strong body and a sound mind allows me to better self express myself in my photographs. These are things you begin to learn as you mature into an “adult.” Don’t worry, I still find a moment in the day to dance like a kid to their favorite Taylor Swift song!   I’ll leave you with this. If you don’t trust me, maybe words of wisdom from Buddha himself will inspire you. So what’s your move?!

“To keep the body in good health is a duty… otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear.” –Buddha

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