Fitness Friday: Have some Fun Today!

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Happy Fitness Friday y’all! I love these words “Have Some Fun Today! ” YES!! this life is short and yo I know better than anybody that we gotta work and we have responsibilities and deadlines BUT if you “Have some Fun Today” you will work better. You will be a better version of yourself. I love the girls at HSFT Couture and the message that they are spreading.  Here are a few ways you can have fun today and throughout this holiday season and burn some calories at the same time
havesomefuntoday,fitnessfriday,inspiration, white fleece sweatshrt,
Okay dang it I just got teary eyed when I had this thought.. After you have Xmas dinner with your family just turn pandora on your phone and grab your daddy or your momma or any family member and just dance with them. One of the best memories I have with my daddy is making him dance with me.  My daddy is a deer hunting , fishing, tractor driving, man who does  not dance but just do it. Everyone will join in and you will be creating memories, burning calories, and having fun! ( If you get the chance ask someone to video you dancing with your family members it will mean the world you one day I promise)
havesomefuntoday,fitnessfriday,inspiration, white fleece sweatshrt,
   Take a class. I was a tap dancer from age 3-23 I think about tap all of the time and while my chance to be a Rocket has probably passed ( never say never) I have reserved a slot for a tap class and I am thrilled! Again Fun and burning calories.. Score!
havesomefuntoday,fitnessfriday,inspiration, white fleece sweatshrt,
 My point today is just don’t forget to have fun. The holidays can easily become so stressful and all about long lines, creating debt, over eating, over drinking, BUT it doesn’t have to be! It can be fun, light, heartfelt, and easy.  I am setting my intention for this holiday season to be exactly that.

Here is how you can follow the girls at HSFT Couture on instagram.

Stay Inspired !


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