Staying Inspired with Fashion

Fashion has always been an inspiration for my photography process. I'm so lucky to capture gorgeous lifestyles in these photographs. Fashion inspires me to capture that summer story within the photo, especially when referencing fashion photography. These fashion forward photos creatively prepare me for shooting especially when it comes to photographing that phenomenal wedding dress of the bride to be!

Click this video to see how I use fashion to (...)

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Kate Summerville Bungalow Tour

Recently I got a facial at Hollywood's Guru of Glow - Kate Summerville skin care in West Hollywood. I was equally fascinated by the cozy bungalow and its history. Did you know Johnny Depp's  (more…)
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All you need is love…

I'm visiting my family in Alabama for a few days. We are at the beach and todays was just beautiful. My day to day life is full of photography, traveling, meetings, traffic, inspiration, and everything that goes with being a wife, a woman, and a business owner. But today was different. I floated around in the ocean for hours with my 3 year old neice Lily Reese. As we floated (...)

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Feeling so thankful for this guy today:)

As I am packing to go to NYC I am realizing how much my husband's mere presents means to me.  New York is gonna be so crazy busy and fun and cool but I just wish I could put Dave in my bag and take him with me.  Its just a feeling of home and security that he gives me that I don't get from anything else.  Lets celebrate those (...)

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OMG! Heading to fashion week in NYC!

ok ! I am so excited to go to all the fashion show in NYC!  Talk about eye candy and photography haven!

I never thought I would ever go to a fashion show in NYC and I wish I could take all of you with me.  But I can at least take you with me in photos! We are going to post so much content with backstage images and video (...)

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Little love notes and tips on this gorgeous Thursday with Jana Williams Photography

Hi Jana,I just wanted to tell you that I spent a good hour or so watching your youtube videos yesterday. I'm a wedding photographer. I always thought of wedding photography as a "job." After watching your viedos, I've instantly developed a sense of passion for them now! You're beauty is breathtaking, your photography is breathtaking....You have inspired me to embrace wedding photography. I'm so inspired by you!!!


HI Jennifer! (...)
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My husband is my best buddy

I was hanging with the girls the other day and the subject about qualities in a husband ( that are must haves) came up.  I found myself going through all my "must haves" and one really spoke the loudest and strongest and it was that your hubby has to be your best buddy.  It took sometime for us to get there. When we first meet I remember trying to be (...)

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Be excited about Life and Life will be excited about you!

People have always told me I was "high energy" "bubbly" or "very excited" ... I def went through a phase when I didn't want to hear that anymore. I wanted to be the girl that was quite and mysterious, so I tried really hard not to show to much emotion or talk to much to fast or to loud.  But pretty quickly I felt like since I started being less (...)

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A few things I love about this photograph

Its such an interesting thing to say right? "Let me tell you why I love this photo of me"  sounds like Im pretty in love with myself, but its actually goes much deeper then the aesthetics of the photo.  See when my friends Erich and Amy McVey said they were in town and wanted to come snap a few shots I started to dread the shoot that instance.  Thoughts of (...)

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First time at the Shake Shack in NYC!

Chriselle and I flew to NYC today for the Victoria Secret Fashion Show.  We got into the city pretty exhausted and hungry! So we decided to try out the ever so famous Shake Shack.  Let me tell you its worth the wait and it was worth sitting outside in FREEZING weather.  Even though Chris and I had declared no carbs after 3 pm today we had to make an exception (...)

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