Little love notes and tips on this gorgeous Thursday with Jana Williams Photography

Hi Jana,I just wanted to tell you that I spent a good hour or so watching your youtube videos yesterday. I’m a wedding photographer. I always thought of wedding photography as a “job.” After watching your viedos, I’ve instantly developed a sense of passion for them now! You’re beauty is breathtaking, your photography is breathtaking….You have inspired me to embrace wedding photography. I’m so inspired by you!!!


HI Jennifer!
I got your email and I just wanted to say thank you so much!
It is really hard to inspired by weddings that are not exactly the style that you want to be shooting but just imagine that you are that bride and think about how you would want your photos to be amazing no matter the budget.
I remember in the start of my business I was shooting lower budget weddings.  It taught me so much! I would literally move things around so much in the house or small hotel room to insure that the photos looked as expensive and timeless as possible!
you will be shooting exactly what you want to shoot sooner that you think.  Just be thankful everyday and don’t be afraid to ask God and the universe for exactly what you want b/c if the desire lives in you then it already is happening I promise!

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