8 Fun Things to Do for Your E-Session

When it comes time to plan your engagement session with your photographer, this is the time really show off what’s so great about your fiancé! There’s no reason you need to feel like these photos should look like everyone else’s. Why not take this time to create a story and give an insight to what really makes the two of you, YOU! I have 8 super fun ideas for your e-session that will help in creating that story of you.

Shoot At a Special Location

Is there one place that holds a special place in both of your hearts? It could be the coffee shop you went on your first date or maybe your favorite park to spend a Sunday afternoon. I love the idea of shooting at a location that has a special meaning to my couples because they’re immediately at ease and it brings back those happy memories!

Bring Music

I like to suggest couples bring some music with them to their e-session. When the silence is broken with some of your favorite tunes it fills you with more confidence because being in front of the camera can feel a little scary!


Include Your Pet

When my couples want their pets to be a part of the e-session it just elevates the entire shoot! These 4 legged family members are a big part of your life and will add a lifestyle aspect to your session. In a previous post I share my 4 reasons why it’s a great idea to include your dog during your e-session or wedding day!

Get Dressed Up

Chances are you don’t normally put on your best cocktail dress and fitted suit on a regular basis. Your e-session is the perfect time to have fun and get spruced up!

Pop Some Bubbly

When a bottle of champagne is popped it’s a sign of celebration.   Which is what makes it perfect for a shot during the engagement session! Typically I make sure this shot is at the end of the shoot during the sunset so you can take a moment to celebrate your love.

Pick an Activity

Once you have picked out the location think about what activities you can do. If you’re shooting in a park or maybe bring a bike or a picnic set up. Of if your e-session will be walking down your favorite street, you could have your photographer capture the two of you grabbing a cup of coffee or stopping in your favorite shops! When you and your fiancé are focusing on an activity it will help you forget the camera is even there and be yourself!

Surprise Your Significant Other With a Gift

When you receive a gift at a time other than your birthday or a holiday it’s always a surprise! Why not surprise your other with a little something they’ve had their eye on. The excitement on their face will be authentic and a great way to capture memories during your e-session!

Bring A Prop or Two

Adding a prop will be a great way to really showcase the story you’re trying to tell in your final images. Some of my favorite shoots have been when my couples get all dressed up and rent a vintage convertible! This is always a theme that is classic and timeless because it will hold up through the ages! Don’t over think the props you want to use but you can find a few ideas over here!

Hopefully these 8 fun things have sparked your creativity! Once your other has popped the question, planning your wedding can seem overwhelming but it doesn’t have to be. (I have a short list of things to do after your engagement!) Planning your e-session should be the fun part! Take a moment and think about what is truly important to you and your fiancé and enjoy yourself!

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