4 Reasons to Include Your Dog In Your E-Session or Wedding!

The engagement period is an exciting and sometimes scary time but you couldn’t imagine going through it without your tribe next you! Your mom is sharing her advise on being a wife. Your cousin is probably telling you what wedding trends she’s seen at the last four weddings we went to. And your husband to be could be making some…. questionable requests regarding the reception. They all mean well and want to be apart of this life event but you may be forgetting someone. Who has also been there during the exiting time and even the tough times? Your pup!!   I know our four legged friends aren’t super helpful when it comes to planning a wedding but I have 4 reasons to include your dog in your engagement session and/ or wedding. And not just because it will be super cute!

And calling all photographers, having a wedding or engagement photo with a dog will do wonders for your social media! If you want to learn the tricks of the trade, head over to The Inspired Club (an online photography school) to learn more about branding!

They’re Family!

 Some haters will try and say a dog is just an animal but when you really get down to it, your fur-babies are family! Chances are they have seen you at your best and your worst and you make sure to feed and bathe them like you would a child. On your wedding day they have just as much of a right to be there to share this special day with the rest of the family!

Unconditional Love

Your pup loves you and feeds off your energy. When you’re happy, they’re happy too! Imagine that excitement you receive coming home from work. Pretty cute, right?! That same excitement will only brighten your wedding day!


Part of Your Everyday

 I really love when couples choose to have their dogs to apart of their engagement session. Not only because I think they’re super cute and fun to be around, but it adds a lifestyle aspect to your photos. More and more couples are choosing to use their homes as one of the locations. I love this because it’s a great way to capture memories to showcase your life in that moment. Dogs play such a big roll an owners life, it’s only fitting they would jump in for a few shots!

Adds a bit of Whimsical

 Will your dog attempt to steal the show? Probably. Well, more like share the show with you and your groom! When you put a bow tie on your dog it just sends the cuteness level through the roof! Having your dog walk down the isle with your flower girl or fill in as an honorary “best man” it brings so much joy and a bit of whimsy to your wedding day!

Including your dog on your wedding day takes some consideration. Only do it if they have the temperament to be around a large crowd and keep in mind who will be responsible for keeping an eye on them. If these details are covered I stand by my feelings of brining your pup! You don’t want the responsibility of making sure your dog is in good hands the day of, I think making them a part of your engagement session is a memory you will cherish forever!




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