5 Things to Do After You Get Engaged

Holey moley, the moment you have been waiting for just happened! The second your man dropped to one knee a whirlwind of visions about your future rushed by. After the initial shock has worn off the checklists of things to get done seems to be never ending! Breathe girl, breathe! It doesn’t all need to be done right away but here are 5 things to do after you get engaged that will put you at ease and give your engagement a jump start.

Call Family and Friends 

This time is so exciting for you and your new fiancé (yeah, fiancé! Get used to saying that one!) and you want to share this special moment with your loved ones! When it’s a close loved one, no one likes finding out about the major life moments via social media so pick up the phone and tell them personally. If your man is a traditionalist there’s a chance your family may be in on it and are anxiously awaiting the exciting news!

Size, Insure, Mani

Ya’ll, I know this one isn’t particularly exciting but it’s sooo important. Take a moment to add a policy to your home or renters insurance to make sure that bad boy is insured! Chances are your fiancé spent a long time saving and searching for the perfect ring and would be devastated if anything happened to it! This is also the time to get your ring sized. You want that rock to fit perfectly because you’re about to be showing all your besties and co-workers and family members and even random strangers who happen to ask about the engagement. While you’re at it, I would recommend getting a mani. Make sure your hand is on point!

Create A Wedding Website

 A wedding website is a source your friends and family can go to for needed information. Obviously you don’t have a ton of details just yet but it’s a way you can share how that sweet proposal happened. Guests can take a peek every so often to see if you’ve added new things to your registry, engagement photos, and wedding day details. Update when details are set, this will save you from having to give updates to each family member! Much like your invite, a website is a preview of what your wedding vibe will be. Maybe it’s ultra glam, maybe it’s whimsical, most importantly it’s YOU!

General Details

 The whirlwind of planning a wedding is exciting, stressful, fun, and overwhelming. Lots of different emotions happening all at once! Once again girl, breathe! Right now work out the general details. Set a date even if it’s not exact. For example, you may know you want a June wedding in 2019.   That gives you a date to work towards and leaves options selecting a date at your favorite venue! Here’s the big one, setting the budget. You may be dreaming of an ultra glamorous wedding but your fiancé may have concerns about what a wedding of that size may cost!  (A money saving tip: A company I absolutely adore is Vow to Be Chic.  These ladies are helping make wedding planning so much easier by offering bridesmaids for purchase and RENTAL!)  Ensuring you both are on the same page will make the planning much smoother. During the engagement period, start a preliminary guest list.   Having an idea of how many of your loved ones will be attending will help keep you within your budget!


The engagement period is exciting and new, stressing about the details can wait for one night! Share the news with loved ones and get everyone together, this is a time to celebrate! Throw an intimate engagement party at home or meet for drinks. Your family and friends are excited for you and are ready to help celebrate this major life change!

Planning a wedding is super exciting but take this time and enjoy it with your fiancé. All of the details don’t need to be planned out just yet; you have time girl! I hope these 5 things to do after you get engaged makes this process a little easier and sets you on the right track. Now that’s all out of the way, hit the road for an engagement adventure or snuggle up on the couch. Enjoy this moment!

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