Fitness Friday: Have some Fun Today!

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Happy Fitness Friday y'all! I love these words "Have Some Fun Today! " YES!! this life is short and yo I know better than anybody that we gotta work and we have responsibilities and deadlines BUT if you "Have some Fun Today" you will work better. You will be a better version of yourself. I love the girls at HSFT Couture and the message that they are spreading.  Here are a few ways you can have fun today and throughout this holiday season and burn some calories at the same time (more…)
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Fitness Friday 3 tips on how to "Restart" health and fitness plan after a break

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Hey guys! Happy Fitness Friday! Today I am gonna tell you a little bit about what I have been going through and feeling the last say 10 days and how I am going to get back on track starting right this minute. So last Monday I woke up after a double wedding weekend these weekends are strenuous but I have been taking such great care of myself this wedding season has been easier up until last Monday. (more…)
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Keep Your Eyes on the Price

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Its Fitness Friday & I wanna chat about keeping your eye on the price.  Vision is so important.  How do you see your best self? Inside & Out.  If you don't have a solid visual I want to encourage you to start creating one.  Okay this is gonna sound kinda silly but in 2004 I saw a movie called Closer staring Julia Roberts and Natile Portman.  Okay I'm a 23 year old waitress on Sunset Blvd and had not started photography yet (more…)

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