Skype Session Giveaway! Winner Announced Below!

Jana Williams Photography Skype Sessions

Hey yall! I am super excited to announce I am offering Skype Sessions! This is something I have wanted to make happen for a while and am now it’s happening!
To Celebrate I am doing a Giveaway! To enter the Giveaway click on the video and simply comment below with one thing you would like to learn from a Skype session with me. Then sign up for my weekly newsletter here So I have your email to contact you if you win! I will be announcing the winner Friday, October 28, 2016!
Good luck! I hope to meet you soon on Skype!
Stay Inspired!

Hey yall! Its Friday and as promised I am have a winner for the Skype Giveaway! I posted on Snap, Facebook, instagram already its Jessica Jones photography! I just emailed Jessica to set up our Skype. Follow along the process on my snap and insta stories if you are curious how the Skype sessions work.

Also I will be doing more of these in the future! Thank you so much for enter the contest and best of luck on the next one!



  1. Hi Jana ! I’m Thuy from North Carolina Yay!!!!! Am I excited!!! Well I’m always excited when I see a video or a social media post from you. Im a amature in photography. And I love all your videos and post and how they inspire me everytime I watch it . You are such an inspiration!! I would love to learn all the tips there is to photography . How to play and work with the sun ? I notice capturing kids are a bit easier since their a natural in their own little exploring adventure . But adult … How may I loosen them up ? When I start to make photography a business to people? How to get my self more expose to others ? Oh there’s soo much I want to learn !!!

  2. Hi Jana!

    I am a huge fan of your work. Not only for your consistent aesthetic and the beautiful artwork you create, but also the energy that radiates from you. Awhile back I read a book about choosing your mentors even if you don’t have direct contact with them, and you have been one of my “mentors.” I have watched all of your YouTube videos and taken your advice to heart. If I was given the opportunity to have a Skype session with you, I would love to have you give feedback on my work. I would also ask what you think the best strategy is to gain clients.

    Thank you so much for all that you do!

    x Nicole

  3. Hi Jana!!! I am so happy to be able to write you!!! Jana, I am beginning my photography business, I have done photography for about 2years now, and until July I decided to turn in to a business; nothing big, just me and my camera and lenses, and I would really appreciate to learn anything from you!!! Thanks so much for all your effort and amazing videos and information you share with us! You make me Stay Inspired!!!
    P.S. I commented on your Facebook also, and I appear as Cindy Guzman-Magana.

  4. Hi jana ! oh my Gosh I am so excited. My name is Marjorie and I am not sure if you remembered but I signed up for your workshop last year and bought it right away without even checking my calendar to see if I have a wedding and i did. =( I was so sad that i wasn’t able to come to your workshop.
    I am excited that you’re now offering a skype sesion.
    With this skype session , I would probably would like to know more about the business part of wedding photography, how to get clients that will not ask for discounts , and as well as how you deal with bad lighting reception and styling .
    THank you so much ! i love your work .

  5. Hi Jana!
    I recently found your videos and I’m addicted! I have more of a vibrant style, but I’ve always been so hard on myself to find a softer natural style, similar to yourself. As I start getting into weddings this is a style I would like to find in myself.

    I would love to learn posing and light control from you. The work you do during the golden hour is gorgeous.

    Sidenote: your style is ALWAYS on point when you show your shoots. It definitely is part of the experience, especially since you help your clients pick their outfits. Great job!

    Julia Rose, Miami, FL

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