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As many of you may know last fall is when I began to form a relationship with Profoto. Myself along with 100 other photographers were invited to their Sweden headquarters for the launch of their A1 light. Little did I know it would lead to Rangefinder Magazine reaching out and wanted to feature me for their “How I Got the Shot” article! Ya’ll, this was such an honor and I had to pinch myself because Rangefinder wanted to know MY set up and interview me about it! What a dream!

For this article we set up a small in home studio using all Profoto lighting to create an original piece of work. We were using my living room as a studio for the day and boy does shooting at home have its’ limitations! When it came to the article I really think a set up like this is beneficial for the readers. Not everyone has access to a professional studio space they can rent for the day or even their own working studio. It’s just proof that you can create a beautiful image anywhere!  To create this shot I knew I wanted my key light to be coming from a high angle so it would create a beautiful light that would wrap around my model.  I liked how “dramatic” it made the image feel but I didn’t want the background to fall totally dark.  To fix that I just popped my A1 in the back to fill the shadows just a bit!  If you want to see more about how I set up the shot, head over to my YouTube channel!  (There’s also a diagram on the article below!!)

It’s an absolute honor to be published in Rangefinder Magazine. Having your work published is always exciting but when someone wants to interview you about HOW you create your work, it’s unbelievable! Thank you, THANK YOU, Rangefinder!  I love having the opportunity to pass along my photo tips; everything from the basics to lighting set ups to branding tips!  Head over to The Inspired Club (click here!) to learn more tips and tricks much like this one I shared today!

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