Profoto A1, The Smallest Studio Light

Hey ya’ll, welcome back to the blog! A few weeks Profoto gave me along with 100 other photographers this great opportunity to travel to Stockholm, Sweden and be a part of a light-shaping quest! Little did we know we were here to test out the new Profoto A1, the smallest studio light! I think this compact light is going to change the lives of portrait and wedding photographers everywhere! The A1 is a beautiful light with a natural feel to it.

Most of the time I am shooting natural light but find myself needing a little extra fill of light. Especially when I want to use the sun as a backlight but then my couple’s faces might fall dark. The Profoto A1 is a great option to balance natural light with a little help from a strobe! The round shape of the strobe will allow you to keep the natural feel and mimic the shape of the sun. I don’t always have an assistant with me so knowing I can throw a few of these in my camera bag and go and not be slowed down by lugging around lighting equipment is a huge plus!

If you’re a wedding or event shooter using your general on camera flash, you know the quality of light can be very harsh. Unless you’re lucky to be shooting small white room and can bounce the light to keep it soft and even. Let’s be real, that can be a farfetched idea! On camera lighting has its time and place but also doesn’t really let you work stand out. Using the Profoto A1 and its’ magnetic mount attachments will allow you to light as if you were in studio or brought location lighting with you!  Another great perk to this easy to use photo light is it’s recycle time! Since the A1 uses a rechargeable battery that lasts 4x as long as your standard AA batteries, it allows you to keep up with the action and never miss a moment! Shooting in a dark room and your lens is having a hard time focusing? Profoto fixed that by adding a LED modeling light so you can see your subject and help your lens catch focus!

I am truly feeling inspired from meeting so many other creative minds in Sweden and learning about a great new product!  Using strobes can be intimidating when you they’re not a part of your typical shooting routine but the easy to use interface has put my mind at ease and has me wondering what I should shoot next! Profoto even encouraged a group of professionals to use the A1 on ETTL to put our minds even more at ease!   The A1 will certainly allow me to step up my quality of work, especially while shooting outdoors! Natural light can be difficult to work with but here I walk you through some tips and with an added compact light, you’ll be unstoppable!  If you want to see me in action with the Profoto A1, head over to my Youtube channel next!  To see more of my visit to Sweden watch my vlog here!

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