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Hey ya’ll, welcome back to the blog! If you are recently engaged (CONGRATS!) and are in Phase 1 of planning, it’s a little overwhelming isn’t it?! Chances are you have a photographer in mind you’d like to work with, a general idea of floral design and have a Pinterest board of wedding dress styles you absolutely love! Wedding invitations aren’t generally the first priority but they play a big role for your wedding day. Other than notifying your guests of the upcoming nuptials, wedding invitations are the first impression guests have of the wedding! No pressure! Today I’m here to give you a quick guide to wedding invitations and what makes them so special!

Choosing a Theme

Before designing your wedding invitations it’s helpful to have decided on a theme for your wedding. Are you going with a vintage glamour vibe and having elaborate details or will your wedding be modern chic and have clean lines? Once you have set that it’s time to design your invitations and other paper goods accordingly! Another detail to keep in mind; your wedding invitation should reflect the colors of your wedding. This will keep each and every detail cohesive!

Comment Element

In the spirit of keeping each detail of your wedding cohesive, when designing your wedding invitations have a common element among your paper goods. This includes Save the Date, invitations, and menus. This element could be the use of calligraphy, color scheme, or using a foil accent with the design.

Stamps and Wax Seals

 Ya’ll, if you really want to set the bar high for an unforgettable invitation, consider using custom stamps and wax seals! When I think of wax seals automatically I think of the Royal family sealing letters with a wax seal! It’s a sign of class and will give your invitation a little extra elegance. Plus it’s super fun to get a letter in the mail that has a custom wax seal!

Finally, my last tip for your wedding invitation is to use custom postage stamps. It may seem unnecessary but please stick with me! Picture your beautifully designed invitation with a whimsical calligraphy design in a light pink envelope with a font to match and in the right hand corner is a Forever stamp with the Liberty Bell. Sort of kills the vibe, right? Custom stamps can be hard to come by but will really tie all the elements of your wedding invitation together!

Weddings are all about the details and the little details in your wedding invitation will give your guests an idea of what to expect. It gives them a glimpse into your style and gets guests even more excited to celebrate with you and your soon to be partner for life! Getting started on planning your wedding can feel like a whirlwind and not sure where to start. Aside from designing your wedding invitations these 5 things to do after you get engaged will set you on the right path!


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