Why You Should be Using Lightroom Presets!

Ya’ll, I just have to share with you one thing I added to my workflow and it changed everything! Going from shoot to shoot during the busy season doesn’t always allow for a ton of time dedicated to editing all those images. This is why I have fallen in love with using Lightroom presets! By adding this into my workflow it has helped my turn around time so much. If (...)

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Tips for Shooting Sunsets

Are you an aspiring landscape photographer and want to capture the perfect sunset? Or maybe you booked a tropical vacation with your family and bought your first dSLR in hopes to come back with an epic sunset shot to share with your friends? I would love to say it’s as easy as setting your camera to Auto and pointing at the sky but that would be a lie! To give (...)

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3 Tips For Capturing Motion

As beginner photographers we were taught the misconception that in order for images to be great they need to be tack sharp. Ya’ll, that just isn’t true! As artists we may have a vision and showing some form of motion is exactly what you need! May it be freezing the motion of your little one in their soccer game or capturing the headlights of moving cars. If you’ve ever wondered (...)

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3 Tips for Shooting Portraits Through Windows

More of my couples are choosing to shoot their engagement photos at home and I absolutely love it! Not only does this give the couple a chance to share a look into their home life it gets my creative wheels turning! One of my favorite things to do is shoot portraits through a window. When a viewer sees the photos for the first time it really makes you feel like (...)

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How to Take Candid Photos at a Wedding

Hey ya’ll, I wanted to share with you a few quick tips on how to take candid photos at a wedding!  Years down the road your bride and groom will cherish these moments caught in between because it will transport them to their wedding day.  Capturing the hugs, laughs, and tears will fill their heart with so much love!  Below are a few tips on how to take candid photos (...)

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How to Create Bokeh

Hi ya’ll! Today I’m going to share one tip for creating soft romantic images. One way is to blur out the background, and that is called bokeh. Just a fun fact; Bokeh is a Japanese term that means “out of focus!” That is going to help you create a blurry background. I’m going to share four quick tips on how to create bokeh in your images!

Type of Lens

Your (...)

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How to Take Backlit Photos!

Hi ya’ll! Many of you have asked how to take backlit photos. Knowing the right metering mode and getting the right exposure for a backlit image can totally be tricky so knowing the best metering mode is so so important! Your dSLR has 5 different metering modes available for you (Auto, Manual, Aperture priority, Shutter Priority, and Program.) When I’m shooting (especially backlit subjects) I love to have total control (...)

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Early Bird Gets the Worm! Tips for Shooting the Sunrise!

Good morning!  Have you rolled over, hit the snooze button a few times but are still reluctant to pull yourself out of bed and now you’ve probably already started scrolling through Instagram. Some mornings do you notice there was an epic sunrise that you slept through but a few of your friends or a photographer you're totally obsessed with managed to capture the morning light beautifully?! If you’ve ever wondered (...)

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Extra Supplies to Carry in Your Camera Bag

Hey ya'll!!  As photographers, we have our camera bag essentials. We know not to leave the house or studio with out our camera, our lenses, memory cards, and extra batteries. Well, hopefully we remember to pack all of the essentials but things happen from time to time! Those items are extremely important for obvious reasons but did you pack the extras? Once you step foot on set or arrive to (...)

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3 Tips for Shooting with Twinkle Lights!

Making memories is a huge part to the holiday season! This is a time when family and friends put the stresses of life on the back burner and cherish time together. As photographers we LOVE light! Holiday decorations provide you with a source of light only found in the month of December. (Give or take a few weeks depending when you put up or take down your decorations!) As we’re (...)

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