Why You Should be Using Lightroom Presets!

Ya’ll, I just have to share with you one thing I added to my workflow and it changed everything! Going from shoot to shoot during the busy season doesn’t always allow for a ton of time dedicated to editing all those images. This is why I have fallen in love with using Lightroom presets! By adding this into my workflow it has helped my turn around time so much. If you want to speed up your editing time you should be using Lightroom presets!

You’re not sure what a preset is exactly? Think about the filters you use to edit your iPhone images on an app such as VSCO or Instagram. (To receive a PDF about the 5 photo editing apps you should be using, sign up for my newsletter!) A Lightroom preset is simply photo editing settings that are saved inside of Lightroom. This will make your workflow so much quicker because you can apply it to multiple photos with the click of a button!

Sometimes using a Lightroom preset is enough but many times when you batch process photos you may need to go through individually to see if any other minor adjustments need to be made. I absolutely love this! I don’t have to worry about going into each camera RAW and hoping every image is has the same color / contrast / exposure. A preset just takes away all that doubt!

I found myself really liking other photographer’s presets that I thought “Hey, why not make my own!?” Taking the time to make your own preset really allows you to set your own style for your work. I knew in my work I wanted a preset that would give an image more warmth and a bit of contrast. That’s just so pretty in my opinion! You can find my preset available on the Shop page!

If you’re still working on establishing a “style” for your images or simply want to shake things up a bit, you should be using Lightroom presets. Not only will you have multiple options for what mood your image need but they will speed up your editing process so much. All that time you saved from not going into each photo separately can now be used to spend more time behind the camera! For those of your who have worked with presets, which are your favorite?!



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