How to Take Candid Photos at a Wedding

Hey ya’ll, I wanted to share with you a few quick tips on how to take candid photos at a wedding!  Years down the road your bride and groom will cherish these moments caught in between because it will transport them to their wedding day.  Capturing the hugs, laughs, and tears will fill their heart with so much love!  Below are a few tips on how to take candid photos at a wedding!

Use a Long Lens

During a wedding my go to lens is the Canon 70-200 or 100mm macro!  Shooting with a long lens allows me to step back and watch the guests interacting with each other.   Some of the best photos are when people don’t know you’re taking a photo of them!  You’re able to capture the natural interactions of your bride and grooms loved ones!

Watch for Moments

One of my favorite moments to capture is when the guests are walking into the venue.  At this moment family members and friends are so excited to share this special time together!  I love when everyone is walking up and their dresses are flowing in the wind!  Just so pretty!  I always do my best to get these shots when everyone is backlit.  This creates a beautiful glow!

During the reception we as photographers focus on whoever is giving a speech.  Once you’ve gotten a solid shot, look around at the guests.  The speeches are sure to bring lots of laughter and some tears to the guests.  These are sweet moments to remember forever!

iPhone Moments

When your bride and groom are moving around the room greeting their guests, this is a great time to snap some photos!  Family and friends are going to want to snap a few photos for their Instagram accounts and these are great moments to capture.  They may be posing for a quick photo with their friends but it’s way more relaxed and silly!  I’ll kind of hide to sneak in to take a photo real quick because they wont be looking at my camera.

I hope these tips how to capture candid photos at a wedding help you!  Once you have more experience you’ll kind of know exactly what to expect.   So for me, when I see a flower girl come into the room, I know to back up and watch what’s going to happen.  You can bet it’s going to be pretty dang cute!

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