You’ll see it when you Believe it – Dr. Wayne Dyer

   A new twist on an old saying .  “You’ll See it when you Believe it”

I listen to Dr. Wayne Dyer all the time and have for years.  I recently heard him say this and it really resinated with me.  Its truth.  It it so simple right?  How can something be so simple , true and powerful and when I need to remember it the most I forget.

There is only one answer to that question for me.  It takes practice.  If I practice mediation, prayer, and positive thinking everyday then it will most definetly become who I am.

Late last night I got a phone call from a dear friend you is experiencing really tough life situations at the moment.  Relationship problems 🙁  as bad as I wanted to call her significant other every name in the book and encourage her to pack her bags and come to my house BUT we had to go deeper and find a better way to look at this situation.  What we came up with was this:  See this man at his fullest potential being the best father and husband he could possibly be.  Send him only love and each time a negative thought about him comes into our mind we have to replace it with a thought of this man living his lives purpose and expressing himself  in a poised confident manner.  The kicker is that we have to see it and BELIEVE it! Personally its easier for me to believe it when I remember that God has a plan for this man.  This man’s fullest potential already lives inside of him he just has to allow it to be revealed.

In life there will always be ups and downs.  I believe when we have the right tools our downs can be handled in a more harmonious manner and the solution will appear so much quicker.  We have to remind ourselves and our friends of this all of the time.  We are all in it together.

Stay Inspired! love yourself and Love each other.



Jana Williams

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