Tips on product photography!

Hey yall! I love product photography and today I am sharing a few great tips to make your product shots look amazing ( press play for tutorial ) for pintrest, instagram, or your etsy business 🙂 I would love for you to share any tips you have as well! Do you love product shots as much as I do?

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  1. It’s a lot easier to think of what props to use when you think of trying to make it lifestyle / believable / or “as if” someone is there like you said in your video.

    I find it hard to think of where to get these props though. I like also being told where I could possible find certain items. I think that’s an extra mile of helpful than just saying what kind of method to use. But good video nonetheless!

  2. Jana, I just want you to know that you are amazing. You have inspired me so much that I bought a new dslr and tripod. I am going to see where God takes me on my photography journey. Thank you for all your great tips, your excitement, sharing your passion, and for pushing me out of my comfort zone. And you don’t even know me. God bless you! Rose

    1. Rose,
      Thank you so much for writing me. Inspiring you means as much to me as photography. I guess because I doubted myself for so long before I got the courage to pick up a camera and live my dream. I feel like it’s part of my purpose to inspire others to do it too!

  3. Thanks for sharing so much with the world. I am truly inspired by your photos and all the free knowledge you share on YouTube. It has truly made me better at Instagram and taking photos for my blog. Thanks for always inspiring me.

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