Tips on Rain Photography Ft. Jamie Chung

Hey there y’al! It’s been raining like crazy in LA and I’m so excited to share these shots I got with Jamie Chung yesterday! I love the way these images came out so much, I thought I’d share some tips to shooting Rain Photography!

Lens Hood

Lens hoods come in handy when shooting in the rain for a couple reasons: 1. they keep the rain drops from getting on your camera lens, 2. lens hoods protect your lenses from getting scratches and 3. reduce the lens flare.

Microfiber Cloths

In case your camera gets wet, even if it’s waterproof,  microfiber clothes get rid of the water and dirt that could get on your lenses when shooting out in the rain. Which will result in better focus when shooting an object or place outside.

Backlight the rain

Unless it’s absolutely pouring, it can be pretty hard to see raindrops in a picture. An easy technique to make raindrops pop in a shot is by adding some back lighting.

For example, in these images I took of Jamie Chung I made her sure to have her backlit by the sun so that I could capture the raindrops in these images! Creating such a dreamy and timeless touch to these fashion shots.

Basic Rain Photography Settings

Shutter Speed

Your camera’s shutter speed determines the quality of your photos to a pretty big extent. If you wanna catch every drop of rain, then you will need a quicker shutter speed. I’d say a good starting point would be 1/250, so you can decide if you wanna go quicker or slower depending on your preferences.


When shooting in the rain, you aren’t just capturing a particular object, you want everything. With aperture, I’d say to begin at f/8 and higher. In case you choose to go with a quicker shutter speed, then your aperture needs to increase too.


Whether there is slight drizzling or heavy rainfall, if you are really trying to capture the tiny droplets then then I’d suggest ISO 1600 and higher. But make sure not to go too high because the more you raise the ISO, the more image noise there will be. Nonetheless, don’t be afraid to experiment with your settings!

Focal Length

Again, this one is experimental too. Any focal length of over 50mm is good for enhanced magnification.


I hope y’all enjoyed these tips! Do you have any tips in shooting in the rain?? If so I’d love for you to share them with me in the comments!

If you’re interested in learning more tips in photography, or wanna see how I direct my clients, you can be my virtual second shooter at The Inspired Club!

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