Tip Tuesday : Lets get Moody

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Lately I have been really into shadows when I shoot fashion. It brings a certain mood & mystery to the image.

Here is a tip on how to Keep the shadows in your photo.

You need to be in manual mode on your DSLR and you want to expose for the shadow. After you have your exposure set then lock your u using the AE button on your camera and recompose.  You can also bracket your shot, take several different shots at different exposuers and letter you can stack them in photoshop..  Hmm, I should do a video on that!

Next time you are out with your camera and you see a cool shadow take your time and experiment.  In the photo above I was on a time crunch for this cookbook and we were shooting in studio. I really wanted to get something in natural light because I love this dress. I asked Brittany to stand again the wall and step into the shadow of the palm tree. I love how tho stunned out!

I would love to see some of your Moody shadow shots too!

Stay Inspired!


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