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Alright y’all I know I have been talking a lot about Pinterest lately and I have a darn good reason –I have created The Ultimate Pinterest Guide!

Hear me out: Pinterest is the ULTIMATE secret weapon for your biz – especially for entrepreneurs.

– There are 291 Million Monthly Active Users on Pinterest
– Nearly 80% of these users are Female
– Ladies between 24-54 make 80% of the buying decisions in US households!
– 55% log onto Pinterest specifically to plan a purchase.

Let’s just say – the power of Pinterest is REAL. Pinterest is such a hot topic and because so many of y’all are asking for my tips, I’ve put together this Ultimate Pinterest Guide and you can get it here.

This Ultimate Pinterest Guide covers topics from Basic Business Success, Planning Your Content, Developing YOUR OWN Pinterest Marketing Strategy and so many more topics and bonuses!! 🙌🏼✨

Not to mention the super cute and helpful workbook, checklist, and audio versions of each module — in case you’re on the go!

Here are some Pinterest tips to kick things off!

📌 First and foremost, it’s EXTREMELY important to note that you should always use vertical images since they take up most of the visual real estate on Pinterest.

📌Beautiful table set-ups gives pinners inspiration for their own special day. From golden chairs to the hanging lights this is Pinterest Gold!

📌Shows table center details and wedding decor inspiration that your intended audience will be sure to enjoy and save to their boards!

📌Shows pinners what their wedding invitations could look like when photographed by a professional on their special day (making them more inclined to reach out to hire you)🙌🏼

📌Make an effort to mix aspirational and inspirational goals. Posting images where there are people but not showing their faces straight on lets pinners imagine themselves in that scenario!💕


Stay Inspired!

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