The Broad Wall

jamie chung, broad museum, winter fashion , photo tips
Jamie and I headed to the Broad Museum to shoot a cool look and we had to improvise. When we arrived at the museum the line was around the corner to get it! It was packed so we had to go to plan B. If you are shooting in downtown La you should check out this wall on the west side of the museum it is amazing! I placed Jamie in front of the wall with a little distance and shot the pic above with the 50 mm canon. I wanted the focus to be about her Sunglasses. Here is a link to those. Love that they are green and against the white they really popped!
jamie chung, broad museum, winter fashion , photo tips
I also wanted to have more of a “story ” shot so I used the Sigma 35mm Lens here. She was actually taking a call and I took the opportunity to capture this candid moment. I love how she is walking in the opposite direction of the lines on the wall. It creates an interesting image.
jamie chung, broad museum, winter fashion , photo tips
I went back to my 50 to get this mid-shot . The lines of her jacket, sweater, and the wall are just fun to look at!

Here is a links to her awesome look. She seriously has the best style!

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Ray bans | Sweater | Skirt| Shoes

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  1. It would be a dream to be shot by you Jana! I love when a wedding photographer has the vision for fashion, style, and lifestyle photography. I was practically jumping for joy when you said, “I wanted more of a story shot”.

    To me the difference in scope variations of shots is important. It helps to drive home the story and to really create a 360 degree feel of the look. I’ve realized I love the wide story shot, the mid, and the close-up. All are necessary for me!

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