How to have a Strong core from the inside out

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Having a strong core from the inside out is a beautiful goal. It takes allot of work to have strong abs and it takes even more work to have unwavering core values.

Our core muscles give us balance and stability. The core is what helps you catch yourself before you trip and fall.  Our personal core values guide us in our behavior and choices that we make in life.

The first step to having a strong core from the inside out is defining your own personal core values.

So I feel like I know myself and have a good understanding of who I am and what I stand for but when you really get clear and specific about your values like write them down and spend time accessing them it gets way more interesting:)

So I want to share this online “Core Value Assessment” by Herb Stevenson with you . Its a really cool exercise and I totally recommend it.  I hope you gain as much for a little self reflection as I did. As always ..

Stay Inspired!


Photo by Kara Colen

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  1. You’ve really inspired me Jana over the last few months since discovering your videos and photography! You’ve inspired my work as a photographer and my fitness as I’m trying to get my body back after two boys ! Thank you ! Hannah, UK insta: myjudemyjonah

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