Staying Active During the Holidays

Sticking to a workout routine during the year can be difficult. Heck, during the holidays having any sort workout routine can feel dang near impossible! Once you get home for the holidays do you feel singled out and slightly guilty for taking time for yourself to take a jog around the old neighborhood? Ya’ll are not alone! Going home is such a special time and I know I need to spend each moment making memories but health and wellness is just as important to me! Rather than feeling alone when you workout and in return being sluggish all week here are a few ideas for staying active during the holidays!

Get Outside!

Sitting down as a family to catch an evening of 25 Days of Christmas or watching a cheesy Hallmark Christmas movie is a shared tradition with so many families. (Mine included!) Before you crowd around the tv, suggest to your family members to get outside! This is a great opportunity to make memories with the nieces and nephews with an epic family game of Tag or Hide N Go Seek! Not into chasing kids around the yard? Take a brisk walk around the neighborhood. Doing this may bring up old memories of where you fell off your bike or seeing old homes of friends who have moved away. Have some Snow Bunnies in your family? Hit the slopes! Skiing and snowboarding works muscles you probably even forgot about! Whatever the activity is, it gets your booty up and moving!

At Home Workouts

We’ve all heard used the excuse “But it’s the holidays, calories don’t count and working out is for Jan. 1.” Every family member has said this to us at least once in our lives! Lord knows I hear it every time I visit Alabama! Grab your mom, pops, cousins, anyone who is down and pop on your favorite at home workout. Doing booty workouts is great at home workout that doesn’t require any equipment! Who knows, this may be the inspiration they need to take the next step in their health!

Simply getting up and moving is an amazing way to feel like you’re sticking to a workout routine. It may not be your 6am Cardio Bare class but if it gets your booty off the couch, you’re doing it right! Involving family members is a simple way to avoid feeling guilty for taking personal time and introducing them to your world and why it’s an important part to your life. I already have a workout ‘sesh planned with my 5 year old niece and I cannot wait for it! On one of my trips home she saw I worked out alone and wanted to be a part of it! Find an activity and get moving with your loved ones!!

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