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Hey ya’ll its Tuesday and I love posting photos tips on Tuesday:) I may miss a Tuesday here and there and that’s okay.  If I know one thing it’s that I share my best tips and content when I am feeling inspired, enthusiastic, and open. I am excited to share this tip with you today for 2 reasons its easy and you have the ability to capture priceless moments for yourself without too much hassle. I took this photo a few months ago in Paris. I often travel alone and feel weird about asking a stranger to take my photo. So I picked up this wireless trigger from best buy before my trip. I played my camera on my suitcase and looked at my frame. I stepped in the frame and pressed the button. Easy as pie. While this may not be the most flattering photo in the world I will always remember that little balcony in my Parisian hotel and the fact that I was looking out at some locals buying flowers on the street.  I wondered about the two ladies buying flowers. Did they buy them for a friend, themselves, to put in the living room or do they love fresh flowers on their nightstand. Wondering and imagination is such a beautiful gift we have.  If you travel alone or if you are a content creator without a photographer on hand you should explore taking self portraits. Its pretty cool.

Stay Inspired friends!

Love Jana

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  1. What settings were the camera? How did you focus? Did you use auto focus or pre-focussed with a focus point? I love your articles, but really wish they were more informative.

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