Photo Tip Tuesday: Before and After

I share before and after wedding photos and give setting and editing tips

Hey y’all! Every Tuesday this month I am showing examples of before and after photos with settings and how I edited the images. I am starting this series with the beginning of a wedding day and will progress throughout the month.

A wedding day is all about capturing moments and sometimes we don’t have time to perfect our setting before we take the shot. I feel like a good moment trumps a perfect photo setting overtime. With that being said I am sharing a few examples of how editing saved the photo.

In the photo above my setting were iso 400 F 2.0 1/200 camera Mark 111 35mm lens. I edited this image in Lightroom I used my preset and brought the highlights down/ shadows up/ I also brought the exposure up 1 stop.
I share before and after wedding photos and give setting and editing tips
In the image above I spotted this moment and simply did not have a second to adjust my setting. I am thankful the image turned out 🙂

iso 400 f 2.0 1/125  camera Mark 111 50 mm lens I edited the photo in Lightroom first I applied my preset then I brought the shadows up, and brought the exposure up 1.5 stops
I share before and after wedding photos and give setting and editing tips
Cassy’s smile is a show stopper. I mean I had to get that genuine moment no matter what.

iso 800 f2.0 1/125 camera Mark 111 Lens 50 mm I edited this image in Lightroom by first using my preset then bringing the highlights down, shadows up, exposure up 1 stop and adjusting the temp to make the image less warm.

I would love to hear your feedback in the comments! Next week I will be sharing 3 photos from the a Wedding ceremony!

For a video link on how to use my preset visit my youtube channel and click on this video!

Stay Inspired!



  1. Thank you for the sharing. Lovely work. I also subscribe your YouTube.
    Can you show how it works in photoshop? I have some same case, but I don’t have lightroom.
    In my traveling photos, I only use pop-up flash on daylight.
    Thank you. 🙂

  2. Thank you for sharing, before and after photos are always interesting to see and you’re absolutely right, capturing the perfect moment is way more important than adjusting your settings!

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