How to Plan the Perfect Proposal

Calling all gentlemen out here, this one is for you! ( We live in a modern world so ladies this doesn’t exclude you!)  You’ve found the perfect girl and picked out the perfect ring, now you are planning the perfect proposal. You feel like your proposal should measure up to Patrick Dempsey proposing to Reese Witherspoon in a Tiffany’s store in Sweet Home Alabama (guys, I know you’ve seen this one a time or two! It’s on TBS all the time, c’mon…) but aren’t quite sure how to pull off the big question. Keep these few things in mind while planning the perfect proposal and you can’t go wrong!


Talking to the parents before hand may seem dated but it’s a HUGE sign of respect. You don’t necessarily have to ask for permission but her parents will be over the moon you thought to include them! Being a southern girl, it was so important to have my daddy know Dave respected his opinion since pops will always be the first man I loved!

Be Sentimental

You’re proposal doesn’t have to be over the top with dancers, flying doves, and fireworks. Make it a sentimental moment! When thinking about where you want to propose, what location has meaning for the both of you? Maybe it’s where you first met? Possibly where you had your first date? First kiss? The possibilities are endless and she will LOVE the fact you remembered these small yet important details. She hasn’t forgotten these details and I bet she thinks about them more than you know!

To make the moment even more special, plan on an event so her family and friends can be there. She shouldn’t see it coming (to be honest, she’ll pick up on your nervous like behavior and will know something is up!) and will loooove to have the chance to immediately share this moment with all of her loved ones. If popping the question in the middle of 20 family members is too much for the both of you, pull her away for a little alone time and ask then! This way you can go back into the party and share the big news!!

I really love the idea of planning the proposal and wedding at a location that is sentimental to both of you!  One of my favorite weddings I shot was for Carolee and Ryan.  What made the wedding so sentimental is that Carolee’s grandparents had been married in the same little Palm Beach chapel.  So when you’re planning planning the perfect proposal,  these little things are what creates special memories for the entire family!

Hire a Photographer 

Ya’ll, I can’t express how much your soon to be fiancé will appreciate this one. Hiring a photographer to hide out of sight to capture the moment you drop to your knee is something she will cherish for a lifetime. The proposal is a whirlwind of emotions so you may not even remember every detail of asking! Not to mention a photo of the exact moment is great for Instagram because everyone will want to know how you proposed anyway!

Tell her Why

Chances are you knew a long time ago this is your person. Giving a speech isn’t necessary unless that’s the kind of guy you are, but plan out what you do want to say! Before asking “Will you Marry Me” let her know why you want to spend the rest of your life with her. Will she remember everything you’re saying? Probably not because she’ll be so touched to hear how much you love her!

Guys, you found the girl and she loves you. Planning the perfect proposal can be super intimidating so breathe and think about what makes you two a great team. Having a small army to help you prepare will create amazing memories for all of you!

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