Opening up about feeling the Blues & steps I am taking to lift them

  Happy Fitness Friday y’all! In today’s post I want to open up a little bit about how I have been feeling for the past week.

It’s hard to write because I don’t want to come off as super depressed but there has definitely been a shift in my happiness level. Just feeling like I am hearing negativity in my thoughts and less inspired. While I  know it is in our human nature to have ups and downs and it’s actually a good thing to let yourself feel the blues sometimes so you kinda push that black cloud right out of you . “You gotta go through it to get to it”  I also find comfort in knowing that I can take a look at my life and see if I have been doing different that may have prompted this depressed time.  So that is exactly what I have done.

Everything has been pretty consistent. Exercising everyday, eating healthy, but something has changed. In the past before I went to bed I would always read something beautiful. Like a spiritual book or a beautiful inspiring story and make sure to be grateful for al of my blessing that day before I went to bed. For the past few months I discovered Netflix and how freaking awesome it feels to get lost in a season of Scandal or House of Cards.

SO I gotta figure this our because there is some amazing TV out there right now. Documentaries I want to see , shows with beautiful cinematography I mean I shouldn’t just not watch TV. BUT  check this out… I am watching this stuff right before I go to bed and dream. When we dream we become immersed in our subconscious mind.  It’s really so important what we think about right before we sleep. Here is a cool article by Dr. Wayne Dyer on the subject.  My goal is to find the Jana who would rather read, go take a dance class, or write a blog post then watch Scandal ( AH!! But Olivia is so chic and awesome)

So here is the plan. A Netflix detox for a week and then only watch Television in the living room. I want a upplugged room.   It is a place of pure energy and this is where I will read my inspiring books, and visualize about my awesome future and be grateful all of my blessings. Here is a cool article on the benefits of having an unplugged room.

So here we are on day one of no TV its gonna be easy:) I am about to head off for a jog a long one. No headphones just affirmations and conversations with God while I jog today.  Who knows maybe it not the whole TV thing but I do know one thing I am not going to continue to feel less than great so I will figure out what is making me feel blue and I will give it a big hug and let it go:)

If you ever go through periods of feeling stinky I encourage you to of the same thing. Just take a step back look at your life and make an inventory of what your daily practices are. So until Next Friday I hope you have a healthy week and even if you don’t  feel like it or not go for that jog because it will make you feel better 🙂

I use snapchat for sharing exercise and food choices during the day if you wanna follow along you can find me at Jana Williams /Janawphoto

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  1. Jana! I LOVE this post! “Give it a big hug and let it Go!”
    Also, don’t let me forget to share with you something I learned today about taking a moment to just breathe!

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