New Work Published in Grace Ornonde!

As aspiring photographers we dream of seeing our images amongst the greats in the magazines we grew up flipping through. I am thankful to say after years of hard work my work has been published in numerous publications and ya’ll, it’s like living in a dream and will always be an honor that someone wants to showcase MY WORK! Being published in a magazine or on a website can feel like a goal just out of your reach but that’s simply not true! In the last few months my work has been featured in some amazing magazines!

It’s such an honor to have my work published in Grace Ormonde. This is my 2nd time being featured in G.O. and it’s still such a pinch me moment! They’re one of the top wedding magazines and it gives me chills to see my name printed within the pages!  There was something truly special about Josh and Bobby’s wedding.  Josh is a real estate agent on Million Dollar Listing: LA on Bravo and wanted the best of the best when he married his love, Bobby.  Making their wedding more of a production was so important for these two because they wanted it to be a night their guests would remember for a lifetime!  I loved the amount of detail executed in each detail and each performance because it really allowed me to document what’s special to Josh and Bobby.  I’m so happy with how the images turned out because it you can feel the energy and the love!

Having my work published is always an amazing feeling but when Grace Ormonde tells you they want to publish one of your favorite weddings, its like I’m living in a dream!  I photograph so many amazing weddings but this one had so many levels and you didn’t know what was coming next!  To read more about Josh and Bobby’s dream wedding head over to a previous blog post.

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