Miracle Mornings-to increase Productivity and Positivity

Miracle Mornings help me be more productive and start the day off in a positive grounded place. In the past, I would push snooze a few times and then rush out the door to make it to my workout class or work.

After completing the 30 day’s challenge I decided to make Miracle Mornings apart of my lifestyle.

I follow this routine Monday-Friday and sleep in on Sat & Sun.

Have you tried Miracle Mornings?
I would love to hear the changes it has made in your life?
Check out this video It’s a quick visual of what My Miracle Morning looks like!



  1. Hey Jana

    I discovered the MM from one of your snapchats, I bought the book & it’s been awesome. I had never kept a journal before it really helps when it comes to being more positive. Thank you for the post & great video!


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