Let your obstacles show you the way

   Growing up in Alabama I had a childhood that was full of struggles.  Those struggles INSPIRED me to move to New York when I was 18 years old.  When I lived in NYC I grew as an artist and as a person it was amazing and it was cold! One day there was 3 feet of snow on the ground and I decided I could not struggle with this cold weather anymore and was INSPIRED to move to LA.  While in LA I was going out on tons of acting auditions and booking here and there but did not have a steady acting job which meant I had to wait tables for many years.  I decided I was ready to throw myself into another creative profession because I was struggling with the feeling that I had more to offer and was INSPIRED to pick up a camera.

Today I am thankful for my struggles.  Without them each and everyone of them I would not be doing what I love today.  Some of these struggles I handled with dignity and pride and many of them I handled with tears and a complete victim identity.  As my life goes on I choose to see the struggles that are in front of me as signs and signals of what I should learn and where I should go.  I hope you will remind me and I promise I will remind you.



  1. Thanks for sharing you story, you inspire me so much. Greetings from Cd. Juárez, México n.n

  2. thanks for sharing your story jana! you are such an inspiration. even though i only know you through your blog n fb posts…i can tell you’re an amazing person and photographer. hope to meet you some day! 🙂


Jana Williams

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