Jamie Chung x Chriselle Lim x JOA Collab

I always say, “I’m such a girl’s girl” and that’s because I loovveee my ladies ya’ll!

Especially my inspiring fashionistas! I have been close friends with Chriselle Lim,  #1 Fashion Expert for years!

We’ve gone all over the world together, even Paris Fashion Week where I have captured her stunning outfits and cherr her on to her successes!

Check out this blog post with Chriselle! 

I am so proud of all the amazing accomplishments my friends have made, but this one in particular means so much.
Chriselle collaborated with the clothing brand JOA for an exclusive clothing line sold at Nordstrom and it’s honestly stunning! Check it out here!

Although, this accomplishment is H U G E the main point of this blog post is to celebrate having inspiring, empowering and loving women around you!

Because of my close friendship with Chriselle Lim I was introduced to Jamie Chung, and can I just say that these two ladies KNOW HOW TO DRESS!

Check out this blog post with Jamie!

Look at Jamie in a piece from Chriselle’s JOA collaboration line below!

Jamie is rocking this gorgeous yellow dress from Chriselle Lim’s line without being asked, simply just because she genuinley loved it and that’s what I’m talking about!

Surround yourself with women who celebrate your successes even if it’s as small as liking or even flaunting what you’ve created!

I am always so thankful for my friendships and relationships that I’ve made because I chose to go after what I want in life, and also because they made that same choice too.

Everything comes full circle in life and the community you surround yourself with impacts the outcomes in your life.

Are you still searching for your girl gang?

Wondering if a community of supporting female creative exists?

The answer is YES!

And that community that ya’ll are searching for is called The Inspired Club.

A community I created for other women entrepenuars to connect filled with inspiring, empowering and loving women.

Whether you’re a photographer, blogger or busniess owner join me at The Inspired Club (TIC) for some awesome classes on Photography, Branding and Social Media.

Along with a community rooting you on and ready to answer any questions you may have!

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Can’t wait to see you there!

Until next time… Stay Inspired.



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