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Hey ya’ll, today I am so so excited to have Shannon Farrell of Cordially Couture as our guest blogger sharing her invitation insider tips!  We have worked together on many weddings and her work is just so beautiful!

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Whether you are working with a custom wedding invitation stationer, or going DIY for your invitations, here are some words of wisdom and quick tips to help you take your creation to the next level!

Not All Paper is Created Equal

There are literally thousands of options when it comes to what type of paper you can use for your invitation suite. The key elements to look at when selecting your paper are: texture, color, and weight.

Texture – When you feel your paper, do you want it to be perfectly smooth, soft and velvety, rough and textured?

Color – When selecting your background paper color, you can think of it in the same way you would choose a house paint color. When you look at it in a small swatch it may not look like there is a lot of color, but when you see it applied across the entire suite, it tends to get much darker and more saturated. So, it’s a good idea to err on the side of lighter in color or less saturated in tone (unless you are going dark and moody with a light print).

Weight – This is a very important element if you are trying to create a suite that feels luxurious and expensive. If you go with a paper that is too light-weight, your invitation suite will feel inexpensive and lose overall impact when held by your guest. I’d recommend a paper cardstock that is at least 100# or heavier.

Paper Recommendation: My favorite paper to use (especially when letterpressing or foiling) is Savoy Cotton. This paper is made from a cotton rag material, so it is environmentally friendly, very soft and velvety, and plush and pillowey (yes, I made up the word) so it leaves a nice, deep impression when doing any pressed design.

Think Outside of the (Paper) Box

A good way to add interest to an invitation design is to incorporate assorted textures through the use of different materials. This can also help support your overall theme. For example, if you wanted a very soft and romantic suite, you could use hand-died silk to wrap around the invitation or folder. Or, if you wanted to give your guests something new and fresh, you could send acrylic invitations! The possibilities are endless. Some of my favorite materials to incorporate are: vellum, silk ribbon, satin ribbon, hand-made paper, acrylic, painted brushstrokes, rhinestones, pearls, fabric, and wood.

Wax Seals Go Beyond the Back of an Envelope

Wax seals are making a major comeback this wedding season, they are an elegant way to add that old-world touch to your wedding. If you love the look of a wax seal, but maybe don’t want to do a double envelope, there are many ways you could still incorporate the element! (Side note: it’s recommended you don’t mail wax seals on the exterior envelope as they are likely to rip off in the mailing process.) You could add it to the top of your invitation with a bit of hemp twine wrapped behind it, seal an enclosure, or even apply it directly to your ribbon belly band! Quick tip: if you want the wax seal to be attached to your ribbon, but not to your invitation, put a square of parchment paper between the invitation and the ribbon so the wax easily slides off the wax, but sticks to the ribbon. You could even incorporate the wax seal in your day-of stationery!

There are infinite details that can be incorporated into your wedding stationery, but the most important element to keep in mind: keep the process fun! Don’t sweat the small stuff and remember that this is all leading up to the happiest day of your life!

A little something about the author…

I am the owner of Cordially Couture, luxury stationery. I’m lucky enough to get the opportunity to create custom stationery for people all over the world, but am based out of Southern California. Whether it’s custom boxed acrylic invitations, or day-of place cards and table numbers, I love it all! I specialize in working with materials beyond traditional paper; by incorporating acrylic, wood, fabric, metal, preserved florals, the list could go on. I particularly love to find opportunities to do new and unique designs utilizing my huge oversized laser cutter (aka Layla the laser cutter). I never shy away from a challenge and always strive to out-do myself and stay ahead of the stationery pack. I am grateful for every opportunity I have to create happiness.

Much love, xoxo

Shannon Farrell, Cordially Couture



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