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How powerful is this! If you think about it the people you surround yourself around either inspire you or they drain you.  Don’t get me wrong as a friend we should be there through good times and bad but if the majority of the relationship is complaining and talking about lack then start spending your time with people who make you feel like you can live at your fullest potential.  I am so proud to say that today I am surrounded around friends that are passionate, open, motivated, loving, and all so very different haha!  There was a time in my 20’s that I didn’t have that support system. Its starts with you.  You enter the friendship with love and with no feeling of competition.  A tool that I use is that I know that I cannot want something for myself that I don’t want for everyone else. Make sense? If I am putting out to the world that I want this abundant successful career but I don’t want my friends to have it because I want to be the most successful well those are two opposing thoughts. Just make it direct. YES I want an abundant successful career and loving relationship and I want that for everyone that surrounds me. period.  Your ego will creep in but just say hush.  Thanks for letting me share I’m a little obsessed with this kinda stuff. In this video I share one of my favorite spiritual books and a cool tip.

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