I’m beautiful because you love me.

I just read quote and it touched my heart so much.  I love the message here.  I was walking through the airport today and was thinking to myself a list of all of the things I need to work on that will make me better.  I started feeling really overwhelmed cus that list just keep getting longer. I have a vision of the woman I want to be.  I’m a little skinner, a little more rested, you know just a little better all around.  Then I remembered something my husband had said to me the night before.  We were getting ready to go out in New Orleans after we had been shooting all day long.  I said I need to step it up and start taking better care of myself.  He said “Really, I see you as someone that takes really awesome care of yourself, your like a flower you always smell so good your always so fresh.”

I was kinda taken back by that.  Really in his head he sees me as a flower? AWESOME!  gosh I wish I could see myself though his eyes.  I only responded to his comment with a little smile but on the inside I melted.

We just arrived in Vegas and we are shooting early in the am.  I am so happy he is with me on this trip. I’m gonna go give him a little kiss goodnight.

“Do you love me because I am beautiful, or am I beautiful because you love me”




  1. Be happy for what you’re and what you have, Jana! There is always room for an improvement and we def have to look forward to it, but be confident in yourself!

    You’re a beautiful woman! On the inside and the outside! :))

  2. Touched by this blogpost… If only you could see the one other people see, when they see you!

    You are my beautiful inspiration!

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