I Was Featured on The Knot as a Celebrity Wedding Photographer!

Y’all, I was featured on The Knot as a celebrity wedding photographer! It is such a humbling moment in my career. I have to admit, I am filled with so much gratitude to have shared my journey on their platform! I felt it was just as important to share a glimpse of what that looked like, with you all, here on my own blog.

It’s no secret that the past handful of years has been filled with so many twists & turns. My belief in transparency & healing led me to be more open about what life has looked like for me “behind the scenes”. From the downturn of the entire wedding industry during the pandemic. To losing my mom and my marriage, all in rapid, quick succession. I felt as though I was left standing in fear and isolation.

Looking back, I realize now, that I was very much not alone in having those experiences. But hindsight is always 20/20 isn’t it? At the time, I was locked in so much fear of how to navigate my business. Not only when it came to making an income. But also with making an impact for my clients. The wedding industry is such a heart-centered business. But I knew I didn’t want to fall prey to the trap of overbooking my calendar, purely out of fear. This would have left my clients with a less-than-unforgettable experience, and me with a mental & physical load that was too heavy to carry. I knew that leaning into the hustle of it all was not the best approach for anyone.

Instead, I decided to pivot, and focus on prioritizing wellness. Doing this allowed me to break through to the other side of what I was experiencing while focusing on what really mattered most. I shared more in-depth details of my experience, including stepping away from social media, and my approach to reinvigorating my brand and the quality of my work, with The Knot, right here!

Thanks so much for stopping by!

Until next time, stay inspired

Love, Jana

PS: I included a few of my favorite photos from some of my recent work as a celebrity wedding photographer, in the blog below!

Celebrity Wedding Photographer, Jana Williams Photography
Celebrity Wedding Photographer, Jana Williams Photography, Jamie Chung Wedding
Jamie Chung & Bryan Greenberg

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