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Happy I Heart Monday! Y’all I’m off to Paris to attend Jenny from Margo and Me’s wedding and shot a beautiful Styled shoot in the city!! I leave bright and early tomorrow am.

I am going to be instagraming and snap chatting (JanawPhoto)  like crazy because I am traveling solo so basically you guys will be my travel buddies and I am thankful for that.  I find so much inspiration from sharing what I think is beautiful so thank you.  Also I am doing a GIVEAWAY from Paris.  It’s a Care package.  I am going to put together a few of my favorite things from the city and personally send it with love 🙂 To enter the giveaway leave a comment below and subscribe for my email list ( when you do you receive 3 tips on how to look your best in a photo) Anyway enter the GIVEAWAY and good luck! The winner will be announced August 28th.  And I hope you follow along with me to Paris:)

If you guys have any recommendations for cool art galleries or anything cool and different to do in Paris please leave it in the comments below.  Not interested in restaurants this trip more interested in unique activities 🙂

Stay Inspired!

Ihttps://janawilliamsphotographyblog.com/i-heart-monday-im-off-to-paris-giveaway/ heart Monday-paris photography-travel photograohy-paris-paris wedding-paris wedding photographer-jana williams photography paris-

Ihttps://janawilliamsphotographyblog.com/i-heart-monday-im-off-to-paris-giveaway/ heart Monday-paris photography-travel photograohy-paris-paris wedding-paris wedding photographer-jana williams photography paris-


  1. Paris holds such a special place in my heart. Around our first year anniversary, my boyfriend (now fiance) and I were going on vacation. He had told me we were just going to the beach in North Carolina…two days before our vacation was to begin, he surprised me that we were going to Paris! It had been my dream and that’s when I knew he was a keeper 😉 (just kidding I knew it from the moment I saw him smile) Have an awesome trip!

  2. Jana, have a great time in Paris! One of my favorite cities.
    Go to Montmartre, an area of town up on a hill where you can take beautiful pictures the Paris skyline. The Basilica of Sacre-Coeur, big white church, to feel inspired.

    Also, the walk along the river Champs Elysees near the Notre Dame. Got to the top of the Arch de Trump, to really get a good look at Parisian architecture. You can see all those beautiful balconies. Much better than the top of the Eiffel Tower in my opinion.

    The Louvre Museum and the Museum de Orsay are incredible.

    Its been almost 10 years since I was there! Such a dream to get to go there!
    Have fun!

  3. I rarely sign up for giveaways, but sometimes I believe it’s fun to see if I can get lucky. Either or, I love your work and am constantly getting inspired by what you do. I am just five months in my business,and your blog posts, your videos, everything basically, really motivates me to keep on going. Thank you for being you!

  4. Love Paris, but don’t get lost – we did last time we were there and it’s hard to find someone who speaks English for directions. I follow your work and you have been an inspiration to me.
    Have a safe trip!

  5. Have an amazing trip, Jana! Can’t wait to see all your gorgeous photos. Also I love this Eiffel Tower sweater <3

  6. Hey Jana… You make me proud to know that a little girl err l from Hayden,Alabama has hit the big times love ya.. safe travels.

  7. Hey Jana! Paris has a great bike share program and I loved that it was a cheap (and romantic) way to ride around the city to see the sights. I loved going to the top of the Arc de Triomphe (what a view of the architect’s vision of the city). I also loved visiting all the gardens, especially Jardin du Luxembourg. And you can’t miss out on going to the Palace of Versailles – you’ll love both the interior and exterior. I also think it’s super neat to take a sunset cruise – you see Parisians sitting along the river banks just chilling and enjoying life. It’s a great way to take in the city. Enjoy!!!

  8. Jana, I love your work and following your blog 🙂 You have such amazing eye and I love the softness in your images…
    Have an amazing time in Paris !
    xo Amy

  9. I love following you and your beautiful work, you are such an inspiration and I can only dream that I can be as lucky to photograph a wedding in Paris one day! xoxo

  10. Have a blast in Paris! All of your posts are so inspiring. Every time you come up with new tutorials on photography, I send them over to my boyfriend who does it as a hobby, and he appreciates aaaall of your work. Thanks for being so kindhearted into sharing tips and parts of your wonderful life with us! You’re extremely inspirational!

  11. Hope you have a wonderful trip Jana! My favorite spot in Paris is Montmartre, enjoy a delicious crepe and be inspired by other artists. Thank you for sharing so many tips and inspiration 🙂

  12. Jana! Have a wonderful time, just started following you and I’m a great fan already!! You are such a beautiful person 🙂 Have a great time in Paris!

  13. I’ve never been to Paris (or Europe!) but it’s definitely next on my list to visit. I’m so excited about your blog post it’s inspired me to seriously consider Paris for our honeymoon trip so romantic and the views are just breathtaking and so unique. We love new Orleans but I know Paris is going to be that much better. Beautiful work as always!

  14. Ahhh have a wonderful time, Jana! I’ll be going to Paris in August 🙂
    You’ll absolutely love it there! You definitely have to go to Versailles and Shakespeare & Company Book Store (my FAVORITE place ever.)
    Stay safe and I can’t wait to see all of the beautiful pictures that you’ll capture!

    xx Shirley

  15. Coucou!!!! I hope I win. A package from France would be wonderful as I am feeling homesick living here in Miami…..as a photographer myself I have to recommend you go see the little photography museum they have just outside of Paris. Here is the info: Musée français de la Photographie 78, rue de Paris 91570 Bièvres. Tel : 01 69 35 16 50. It’s very small but was something nice to experience and of course see all the old cameras. Hope you enjoy it. Bisous!

  16. Jana…have a awesome trip in Paris! I’ve been following for a while and your work is always so beautiful! One of the reasons I always open my Facebook and Instagram! Safe trip and have lots of Fun!

  17. So excited for you Jana! It’s been a dream of mine to go to Paris! For now, I’ll vicariously live in your excitement and journey! 😉
    Much luv 😉

  18. thanks for this opportunity, i think this is awesome! also just wanted to let you know that you’re a huge inspiration for my own photography and i always look forward to your ‘stay inspired’ videos. as always, patiently waiting for the next one!

  19. Have an amazing trip – can’t wait to see your sure-to-be-gorgeous photos from the City of Love! 🙂

  20. Oooooh! I would be ecstatic to receive a Paris package from you!!!! It’s my dream to visit there one day! And your name is super rad! 😉 happy travels to you!

  21. Wow, it’s always been a dream of mine to go to the city of lights but a girl can always dream. I owned a book by Ines de la Fressange and she adviced on visiting intimate art venues, kind of off the beaten path, such as Musee Marmottan Monet where you could see the world’s largest collection of Monet painting. Or this best kept secret old-world bathroom. According to her it’s a Belle-Epoque gem. It survived improvements by the municipal councils so you’d feel like you time-traveled to Paris’ past history. Just stand in front of the Madeleine church and look for a small staircase on your right. Hope you enjoy your time and Godspeed!

  22. Paris was so nice, I went there twice! (in a year)

    I hope you have a wonderful time in Paris. There’s truly something empowering about travelling alone. I look forward to all your photos! (:

  23. I’m definitely participating; for multiple reasons!
    I’m really curious what some of your favorite things of Paris are, I just love wedding/engagement photos (they make me daydream) and who doesn’t love to get tips to look your best on camera?!

    Enjoy Paris 🙂

    PS : what a lovely sweater!

    xox Lyn

  24. cant wait to see Paris from your point of view…You should definitely visit Paris Plages and their summer terrace…as we would all also like to see photos from Paris in summer and their way of hiding from hot sun…

  25. Have a great time in the city of love!! And i want to thank you for all your blog posts and videos on tips for photography. They have been so helpful for me in my own photography journey! 🙂 I am staying inspired! 😉 <3

  26. OMGosh Jana… I just kinda LOVE/adore you! Thanks for all the amazing inspiration & this super sweet chance! Gahhh, have the best time ever in Paris girly! Can’t wait to see your adventured in the city of love! XO!

  27. Hey girl! I absolutely love your inspiration and style! I have yet to visit Paris but I cannot wait to see what you find! Happy exploring darling!!! 🙂

  28. Hi Jana, Im not sure if you remember but we attended Hayden High School together for two years! I found you online a about three years ago and have been following you ever since! I have been thinking about reaching out for a while….and I would love to catch up sometime in the near future. I know you hear it all the time, but you have been incredibly inspiring to me in a million different ways. I hope you have a blast in Paris! xoxoxo
    p.s. I put a link to my website but its not complete yet just fyi!

  29. Hello Jana,
    I just discovered your blog through Chriselle LIM, and your pictures are stunning.
    I have been living in France for 20years, I can recommend you many cafés, restaurants.. Currently Ober Mamma, an italian restaurant which has just opened is the place to go. For authentic french food, Saturne or Frenchie would be great. You should also go to the Puces de Saint Ouen, a flea market where you will certainly find inspiration and gifts to bring back.

    You can have a glimpse of some Parisian addresses on my blog.


    I hope you will enjoy your stay in the City of Lights!

  30. Oh how fun! That is my sisters birthday and the day before mine!!! Thank you for the awesome giveaway!

    Have a blast in Paris! You’re such an inspiration as it is – I can’t wait to see everything you do in that beautiful city! ❤️

  31. Wow! Your sneak peak from Paris is beautiful!! Thank you for sharing… I love all your work! You inspire me to stay inspired ;0)

  32. Thank you for the Paris care package giveaway; excited to see what goodies you put together. Have a great trip and enjoy what Paris has to offer! Good luck to everyone!

  33. Hi Jana! You have such a talent for taking beautiful pictures that inspire and touches ones heart. I’m always in awe every time I see you photos. You also have a fun personality and thank you for being an inspiration and sharing your life with us. You encourage me in many ways to not only take better pictures but with living a healthy lifestyle and with fashion as well. Thanks again and I hope you have an unforgettable time in Paris filled with many wonderful memories. I can’t wait to see more of your photos!

  34. Jana your work is absolutely amazing. I have Multiple Sclerosis and I find your site to be so encouraging and helpful as I deal with this disease. Thank you for that and for being such a great teacher. I have leraned so much from you to apply to my own photography jourey. I appreciate your generosity. Have a great time in Paris. I look forward to many more posts. Thank you.

  35. I always admire your work and find myself asking how can beauty be captured in such impeccable way. You’ve been the walking definition of inspiration for me in the past months, so I plucked up my courage and bought a camera.
    Hope you have a wonderful time in Paris! Until I get the chance to see it myself, I will enjoy it through your lenses. Thanks for sharing not only incredible tips, but also your adventures!

  36. Hi Jana!

    I have always been fascinated by France and I’ve took French class back in school days. Although, I have yet to travel to the country, I watched lots of travel programs featuring the beautiful country. I can’t wait when the day comes and I get to immerse myself in the lights of Paris, the beauty in their architectural buildings and the sound of their language! And I am hoping it will be as wonderful as I dreamt of!
    It’s lovely to know that there are people out there in the world who likes Paris as much as I do!

  37. Hello ! 🙂 i’m so happy for you to go to Paris, this city is sooo beautiful ! Sadly I can’t give you some activities, because I don’t know very well Paris 🙁
    And for the giveaway, is it work in France ? You are soo kind to do that, thank you 🙂
    Have a great day !

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