How to mentally prepare for a photoshoot

Happy Friday! I just wanted to share with y’all my favorite ways to mentally prepare for a photo shoot. Right before every shoot it’s important to make sure that you are walking into your client’s session with an open heart and mind. Here is a little checklist that I make sure to mark off right before stepping into my session.

Super important and maybe obvious, but just make sure to check these basics off of your list the night before, or hours before your shoot.






BE PREPARED – Not only is having your equipment important but being knowledgeable of how your equipment works is extremely beneficial and can make a huge impact on how your shoot will go. Doing any extensive research or finding out unknown information before the shoot will help you remain at ease.

I like to make sure I come to my shoots filled with inspiration! Here are some of my favorite ways to do so!

PINTEREST BOARDS  – Pinterest is probably one of my favorite ways to gain inspiration. For me, I really tend to look at Fashion and Editorial images, not strictly wedding or engagement photos. Honestly, anything that naturally inspires you is what’s gonna help you get your creative wheels moving!

BODY LANGUAGE FROM OTHER PHOTOS – Seriously, it’s no big deal to pull out your phone with some saved inspo. I mean, not every single one but pulling your phone out and showing your clients what you’re looking for could really assist you in your shoot.

YOUR CLIENTS ARENT PROFESSIONAL MODELS – Which works for us in our favor! It’s okay to place them in different poses and instruct them step by step. Chances are they’re more nervous to be there than you are, so guiding them will help both of you.

THEIR TIME NOT MINE – No matter what is happening in your life right before your shoot, a fight with a spouse or something happening in your life that you have no control over, you have to let it go. When you are going to meet up with your client’s it important to remember that this time is all about them and your creative process. Harness and collect all your energy, and make it count towards your shoot. Breathe, you got this!

I hope this short list of ways to stay positive before a photoshoot has inspired you! If you want any more photography tips, become a member at The Inspired Club, where female creative entrepreneurs connect and support one another. As a member you’ll have full access to all of our exclusive Behind The Shoot content and inspiration.

Until next time, stay inspired.


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