How to Have Your Groom Looking Stylish

It’s traditional that no one is to outshine the bride on her wedding day; that sentiment will forever be true! Even though you’re looking your best, don’t forget about your groom’s style! For generations a man’s tux on his wedding day has been expected to be your classic black and white tux maybe paired with a black bow tie and a white pocket square. Sound familiar to you!? That’s nice and all but it’s time to spice it up and have your groom looking stylish!

When it comes to shopping for a tux, fit is key! There’s nothing worse than a guy swimming in a formal jacket or a tie that doesn’t reach their belt buckle! Whether your groom want to keep it traditional in a tux or explore a little and have a fitted suit, make sure it fits in all the right places! Tom Ford makes an exceptionally great fitted 3-piece suit for any man who wants to look bomb on his wedding day!

It’s 2017 and not 1988; your groom doesn’t need to stick with the traditional black and white tux! Not only are many guys moving away from the classic fit they are also being a little more bold with their color choices. During the spring and summer months you’ll see more and more guys opting for light colored suits such as beige or tans to help with those hot afternoons. During the fall and winter months you’ll see more blues, light greys and maroon suits! If sticking to tradition is important to you but you still want to mix it up a bit, try having a 2-tone suit; such as wearing a white jacket with black pants. You’ll still feel classic but have a modern twist!

There’s one accessory that is going to pull a tux together and that’s the tie! While there are many styles to choose from, the bowtie is classic and is truly meant for any formal occasion. Wearing a bowtie will direct attention to your face and also feel like you aren’t wearing something you’d wear to the office! A bowtie is classic and will never go out of style. A great way to keep a classic look with your own twist to it is choose a fun pattern, or maybe choose an oversized bowtie, or even choose a slightly less normal way to tie a bowtie! Intimidated by the idea of having to tie a bowtie?! Don’t be! I made a video giving step-by-step directions on how to tie a bow tie! The accessories is where the groom can set himself apart to show his style and be easily pointed out from the rest of the groomsmen! Grooms, be bold and show your personal style!

Whether your groom wants to stick to a traditional style or spice it up with a more modern look, I hope these few tips helped! Ladies, don’t forget this is his day too and you want him looking his absolute best in the photos you’ll look back on for years to come!





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