Guide to Wedding Bouquets

Have you ever wondered why brides carry a bouquet of flowers? It may surprise you to know that the original reason for the bridal bouquet was simply the smell. The fragrant flowers acted as a strong perfume.  The tradition dates back to the 1600’s.  My how times have changed. Bridal bouquets are an accessory today and used to compliment the wedding gown. (See our wedding dress guide here.)

You may not realize it but there are 4 main styles of bouquets of to choose from. Now the question is, will you be walking down the isle simple and understated or a showstopper bouquet?! So many questions to be answered! I’m here today to give you a guide to wedding bouquets to make your wedding planning a bit easier!

Hand tied bouquet

The hand tied bouquet is the most common bouquet brides will carry down the isle. Typically the flowers are gathered together to form a round shape either pinned or tied together. Giving it the name “Hand tied Bouquet.” You can’t go wrong with a hand tied bouquet! It is a very versatile style; so if your wedding is focused on the glamour or whimsical you can’t go wrong. It’s also a super easy style to customize with your favorite flowers!

Pageant Bouquet

A beautiful option for your wedding bouquet would be the pageant bouquet. Beauty pageant winners and the way they cradle flowers in their arm inspired the idea of the “Pageant” bouquet style for brides. This non-symmetrical style adds a little extra glamour and drama for your walk down the isle!


The Nosegay bouquet is similar to the Hand Tied bouquet but is a little bit smaller. If you’re thinking about what your bridesmaids will carry, Nosegay is a great option. Typically this mini bouquet has more greenery tightly wound with the flowers. The Nosegay is best for brides who want to be a little more minimalistic or modern and don’t feel like they need a statement piece to walk down the isle with.



 There is only one word that comes to mind when one talks about the Cascading bouquet; DRAMA! This is statement piece that will leave your wedding guests saying “Wow!” Ya’ll, when I picture a bride carrying a cascading bouquet I picture a wedding full of glamour and elegance! The Cascading bouquet is going to have greenery and flowers arranged to cascade over the bride’s hands. This arrangement is great because you’re given the freedom to choose flowers that will leave a dramatic statement and that may not have worked in other arrangements such as the hand tied.

I hope my guide to wedding bouquets helped give you to better understanding the differences of wedding bouquets. If you have a favorite style, leave a comment below! Thank you for stopping by the blog today and check back here for more tips to styling your wedding!


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